Maths Flipped Learning

There are 3 new assignments over on Manga High. The first gives you the opportunity to go over equivalent fractions. The other two are on things that we will be doing over the forthcoming weeks. Firstly, improper and mixed fractions and, secondly, adding and subtracting fractions – a real challenge!

Good luck. Feel free to post any questions or comments here.

Flip Learning – Multiplication

Here are a number of videos to show you different methods for multiplication. Some show you how to multiply by a 1-digit number whilst others show you how to multiply by a 2-digit number. Enjoy and feel free to post any questions. Practise your preferred methods with these questions:

35 x 6,     162 x 4,     83 x 5,     619 x 7,     118 x 3,    34 x 27,     173 x 23 – Short multiplication method – 2-digit x 1-digit multiplication (53 x 6) – Grid method for 2-digit x 1-digit multiplication (38 x 7) – Short multiplication method – 3-digit x 1-digit multiplication (714 x 5) – Short multiplication – 3-digit x 1-digit multiplication (325 x 5) – Long multiplication method – 2-digit x 2-digit multiplication (72 x 35) – Grid method for 2-digit x 2-digit multiplication (31 x 26)

Good luck!



Flip Learning – Maths (Written subtraction methods)

Next week we will be focussing on subtraction. The first thing we need to know is how you do subtraction at the moment, so here are some questions for you to have a go at.

83 – 57        382 – 155      444 – 186     502 – 245     1625 – 717      3007 – 1999

Do them in your learning log and post your answers on the blog. Then watch these videos. They explain some subtraction methods which you may have used in school. What do you think? Do you have any questions?

There are many ways of doing subtraction and we have to find those that work consistently for us. You need one “go to” method that you would use for most questions because it always works. There may then be other questions that you use other methods for because it is more efficient.

Maths Home Learning

No flipped learning this week, but an opportunity to practise further what we have been doing in class. Many of you are using the column method of vertical addition. Others are using other methods alongside this until you get more confident. You have been given 3 sets of questions for you to look at. Choose the section that you want to do and complete them in your learning log. House points to everyone who completes one section.

Feel free to post any questions or comments here.


Fancy more practice? Have a go at this. Can you complete level 6?

Flip Learning – Maths – Written Addition

Next week our focus will be addition. It is important that all of you are able to master the column addition method which is shown in these videos. Watch them to either remind yourself of the method or get to know it better.

We will be practising this next week but feel free to make up and have a go at some problems of your own, and bring them in on Monday.

Blog any comments or questions that you need to.


Saw this on Twitter earlier. Must have been pretty annoying for the poor individual involved! I wonder what made him stop?

From a mathematical point of view however it raises the question of how many hiccups this would have been during the 69 years. Start small (How many in a minute or hour?) and see what you can discover. House points and respect to anyone having a go.