Flip Learning – Sentence Writing (Clauses and Phrases)


Our SPAG focus this term will the construction of sentences. To prepare you for this we would like you to find out about the following features of sentence writing. What can you find out? Which of these do you already know? Can you find any examples? Make sure that you understand what you find out. The things we would like you to explore are:


Main clause

Subordinate clause

Relative clause


Noun phrase

Adjective phrase

Prepositional phrase

What is the difference between a phrase and a clause?

Flip Learning – Word Classes in Song Titles

This week we investigated the titles of the twenty biggest selling singles of 2015. Which word classes did the titles come from? Which words were nouns, adjectives and verbs? Were there any pronouns? What about adverbs and determiners? Any conjunctions? Some of you even discovered interjections! Wow!

Your challenge is to post at least one song title and have a go at explaining which word classes the words come from. Remember that your explanation is as important as just saying the word class.

You can pick any songs – modern or older. Get your parents involved too! Do as any songs as you can. I’m also going to post some too so apologies in advance for the songs I pick!