Finland – our first full day

What a lovely place! Joensuu is a beautiful town. Everywhere is very clean and the way of life is very quiet and calm. 

Today we have had time to learn about each other’s schools and found out a little bit about the Finnish education system. Children begin pre-school at 6 and then start their basic education at age 7. They have to stay in school until they are 16 before having the option of a further year. They can then go to college for 3 years before doing Degrees and Masters qualifications.

Being a teacher is a sought after job and competition for places at teaching college is fierce. Children do different amounts of hours depending on what year they are in. Year 1 and 2 children do 19 hours per week whilst Year 9’s do 30 hours. Summer holidays are 10 weeks long!

We have also had some free-time to explore the town and earlier the NPAT staff had a cracking and fun walk along the Pielisjoki River. We even found some snow deep enough to make big footprints in (we are children too!) 

Tomorrow we are in two schools – one is a kindergarten and the other is a secondary school. I will tell you about them tomorrow!


Right then year six, I’m off to Finland on Sunday to find out about their education system. I’ll be staying in a town called Joensuu. 

What can you find out about the country and place I’ll be staying in?

Also, what do you want me to find out about Finnish schools?

Until next time!