First class newsletter!

Below is a link to our new class newsletter. This will be published every few weeks and will contain information about what’s going on in class. The first edition deals with some key messages for the year ahead that we discussed on our first day back. Have a look at the pictures and videos as many times as you want. Feel free to leave comments!

Summer 2016 Challenge

Have a great summer Year 5. When you return in September you will be Year Sixes. Have fun with those that you love over the summer, follow your passions and try something new.

And don’t forget your summer challenges:

  1. Go over the spelling lists that you were given. Knowing these words will be helpful come September.
  2. Explore your times tables grid. Again, knowing these facts and exploring these patterns will really help in September.
  3. READ!!! Don’t forget the library reading challenge. In September we will be celebrating what would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday so try to include at least one of his.
  4. Write about a place you visit.
  5. Take a “healthy-selfie”.
  6. Collect objects, photos or pictures that represent you and the theme “Who Do You Think You Are?” These should represent your passions and show us the person you are.

Don’t forget that you can email anything to me over the holidays at We also have a class twitter account @6Lings.

Looking forward to seeing what you can do.

Enjoy the holidays and see you in September.

Mr Bushell

Investigating Roswell and UFOs


We have investigated the Roswell incident of 1947 as well as discussing the presence of UFOs and aliens. What is your opinion? What does the evidence tell us? What happened at Roswell? Is there other life out there?


Don’t forget to respond to others. Could be an interesting discussion!


Today the National Space Centre in Leicester visited us, bringing with them a special blow-up planetarium. We had the chance to see planets and stars! Tell us what captured your imagination. What questions do you have about space?

Maths Logic

Can you solve these problems?

Good luck Mrs M

Problem 1

Ann, Boris, Carla, and David are talking about their favourite food. They know they all like different foods and these are: curry fish and chips lasagne chicken burgers

  • Boris does not like chips.
  • Ann will not eat chicken.
  • One of the boys likes fish.
  • One of the girls likes burgers.
  • Neither of the boys likes spicy food. Which person likes what food?

Problem 2

David, Eddie and Fred, three brothers, are marrying three sisters, Gina, Hana, and Iris.

Eddie is the oldest brother and Fred is the youngest brother.

Hana is the middle sister, while Iris is the oldest.

Fred works as a plumber and Gina is a computer programmer.

From the clues below can you find out who the couples are?

  • Hana is not engaged to the plumber.
  • The youngest girl will marry the middle brother.

The Hundred Word Challenge

Choose one of the images of the characters from the photos and write a characterisation using no more than 100 words. We want to know, not only what they look like, but clues about their personality.

Choose your words carefully, making sure every single word earns it’s place within the paragraph. Draw on your knowledge of creating an effect and ensure that the reader is able infer about your character. Use your sentence structures to add variety to your ideas.

Your homework is to write your own character description and then to write a comment on someone else’s 100 word challenge.

image image

Panto Costumes

Year 5 and 6 have been set the challenge of bringing in a costume for the character that they are playing in our Christmas panto. They have until Monday. Nobody is expected to go out and buy anything – costumes should be simple and items can be borrowed from anywhere or anyone. All children know their characters and the kind of things that they would wear.