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  1. Today we went to the Saints and we met rugby players. Our group had Tom Kessle,we had to interview him, we each had 2 sentences but some people had 3.
    My sentences were:
    What books do you like to read.Do you read lots of books?
    What do you wish you could resist, that you can’t resist now?

    These are the things that i found out about Tom Kessle:

    1) Tom Kessle suports Manchester United.
    2) He likes choolate sponge cake.
    3) When he was little his wish was to become a famous rugby player,and now he tried so hard he became one.
    4) Tom Kessle has a pet dog, Huski.
    5) He has never tasted sweet pizza.
    6)He would like every body to know that he is a twin.

  2. Theses are some of the things I learent about tom kessle:
    1)He wanted to be a rugby player when he was younger
    2)His dad inspired him to play rugby because he went to lots of rugby events
    3)His favourite colour is red
    4)He had this figer when he was younger and he wanted to get it back because he lost it and it was one of his treasures
    5)If he could be a superhero he would be superman because he can do almost everything
    6)The food he couldn’t resist was chocolate
    7)If we can come round to his house for dinner he would prepare us bolonase(I think)and cheesecake!

    They are some of the things I found out when I was intervuing the players!

  3. These are a few of the things I learnt about tom collins 1) historian worst regret was missing a kick at one of his rugby games. 2) he started playing for Northampton saints she he was 17!( made his debut at 17 years) 3) he is the fastest player for the saints. 4) his family team is Manchester united but he supports arsenal. 5) his biggest temptation is McDonalds chocolate milkshake. 6) he lost the medal he won from winning the league. 7) he would spend the close season going on holiday and away from the rain. 8) his favourite car is a Mercedes. 9) his favourite colour is white and has nearly everything that he owns white. 10) if we went round to tom collins’ house he would make cottage pie ( his favourite !)

  4. when we interviewed Tom Collins I learned a lot of things about him like he likes cottage pie his favorite color is white which is weird.He is the fastest player on the
    Saints team he likes Nike and Adidas one of his big regrets are missing a winning shot in a competition and he wishes he could go back and correct that mistake.One valuable item that he lost is when he won his pram he lost his pram medal which is extremely tragic and well almost laughable.

  5. we interviewed tom cowlings he said he likes police movies and loves superman
    and he hates being scared like me lol I’m so dilated I interviewed him I the

  6. On Tuesday we went to the saints study centre to meet players and are one was Tom cassel and we intervued him his favourte food is cornish pasteis and if he couldnt be a rugby player he would play for man united he is a very cool player to interveu.

  7. Here are some things about Tom Kessell the first thing about Tom 1:he has never tried sweet pizza 2: if we came to his house he would make us Cornish pasties and for pudding brownies with vanilla icecream (and cheesecake for Isobelle) 3: if he had to choose between Arsenal or Chelsea he would choose Arsenal (woooohhhh) and that’s some things about Tom Kessell.

    By Emma

  8. I had so much fun interviewing Tom Kessle.
    He said that his favourite food was a Cornish pasty (that’s my favourite too) if you don’t what a Cornish pasty is, it’s pastry with beef and potatoes in it.

    • it was great we had so much fun asking him questions
      he asked what our favourite food was and our dream job

      I said they were a BBQ pulled pork burger and a famous actor

  9. We interviewed Tom Collins and he told us about himself, and he said he loves chocolate flavoured milk and has a big mistake HE LOST HIS PREMIRE MEDAL! He used to like football like us then at the age of 12-13 he stared playing rugby. he said he has a sporting family and they were all football players but his dad told him about rugby. He said he hates losing so he’s glad he joined Saints and that’s mot all of the things he mentioned.

  10. On Tuesday 10 October we went to the Saints Study Centre and we interviewed Tom Collins and this is his answers to the questions.
    1)he wants to find his premiure ship rugby meadal because he lost it and it is his treasure
    2)if we went to his house for dinner he would cook pizza or cottage pie
    3)he likes nike shoes and adidas clothing
    4)if he could back in time and change something he would retake the shot he was taking for his team to win the game and he missed
    5)his favourite Arsenal

  11. On Tuesday we intervied Tom Collins this is what he said:
    1)He likes choclate milk,
    2)He lost his premiership medal for rugdy last year,
    3)If we went to his house for dinner he would cook pizza or cottage pie,
    4)He likes Nike shoes and Adidas clothing,
    5)If he could go back in time and change something he would score the winning kick when he was younger for his team,
    6)His favourite football team is Arsnal but his family’s team is Manchester united

  12. some days ago we interviewed the saints players I interviewed tom Collins he told me that his favourite super hero is ant man because he can change his size.

    his favourite food is cottage pie and he tries to keep away from chocolate milk for his fitness.

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