The Lings School of Journalism

Today you were all enrolled as students at the Lings School of Journalism. Your first assignment is to visit a remote Mediterranean island where there have been reports of a spectacular and devastating storm. You will need to visit the island in order to gather the facts, interview witnesses and write your report.

What have you found out so far? How did the storm start? Why did Prospero do this? Who was on the ship? What does Miranda think about this?

Feel free to leave your journalist’s notes here!

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One thought on “The Lings School of Journalism

  1. There are two possible places that the island could be, Lampedusa or Pantalaria. It is an island somewhere between Tunis and Naples, in the Mediterranean Sea.
    The people on the ship were: King Alonso, Ferdinand, Antonio, Sebastian, Trinculo, Stephano and Gonzalo. All of the people on the ship were Prospero’s enemies. Antonio is his brother who got rid of him and took over his dukedom. King Alonso helped Antonio banish Prospero and Miranda to sea to die. Ferdinand, Sebastian, Gonzalo, Trinculo and Stephano followed King Alonso’s orders to help set up a rotting boat for them. Prospero made the storm to get revenge on them.
    Miranda doesn’t approve and she confronts him about it and tells him to stop. She says at she would have sunk the sea into the earth so she didn’t have to see anyone suffer.
    To start the storm, Prospero ordered Ariel to make the passengers hallucinate and make them think that there is a storm and they combined their magic to make it very realistic.

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