Visit to RSC – The Tempest Workshop

On Monday we explored The Tempest at The RSC’s Clore Learning Centre in Stratford-upon-Avon. You were lucky enough to work with Nadia who has recently been in The Merchant of Venice and Othello.

What did you discover about the play? Which characters interested you? What is the plot of The Tempest? What are the themes of the play?

Tell us all here!


3 thoughts on “Visit to RSC – The Tempest Workshop

  1. I discovered that there is a love between Prospero and Ariel and a hate between Prospero and Caliban. I know this because there are some scenes that show the love and the hate. There is a scene where Prospero and Caliban are shouting hurtful and rude words at each other which we worked on. Also there is a scene that we didn’t talk about where Ariel asked Prospero if he loves him and Prospero answers with a yes.

    The character that interested me the most was Caliban. The reason why is because he has two different sides to him. He can be calm and relaxed but also he can be rude and vicious.

    The Tempest is a tale of two people who get banished to sea and are shipwrecked on a distant island once ruled by the witch Sycorax but now only her son, Caliban, and a spirit named Ariel live there. Prospero and Miranda live on the island for 12 years waiting for a certain ship to pass. After 12 years, a ship finally passed and on board was all of his enemies. Using his magic he created a storm with the help of his servant, Ariel. The ship crashed on to Prospero’s island and with Ariel’s help he spread them around the island. The prince, Ferdinand, meets Miranda while searching for his father. The two eventually marry and Prospero’s brother, Antonio, gives back his dukedom. There are scenarios involving other characters including:
    Trinculo, Sebastian, Gonzalo, King Alonso, The Boatswain, The ship master, Mariners and the spirits.

    The themes are: love, hate, betrayal, sadness and comedy.

    I have worked on the Tempest as an RSC ambassador so going to the RSC and working with Nadia on Monday gave me a deeper understanding of the story.

    • Another terrific blog Tamsin. You show a real understanding and love of the play.

      Does Prospero always love Ariel? Did Prospero always treat Caliban badly?

      House point!

      • Sometimes Prospero can get mad at Ariel because Ariel occasionally bothers Prospero and asks for his freedom. Also when he asks for freedom, Prospero gets mad at him.

        Prospero didn’t treat Caliban badly in the beginning because when him and Miranda were stranded on the island, Caliban was treated like a son. The reason why he is treated badly is because he tried to do something to hurt Miranda.

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