Saints Presentation Evening

Last week we were invited to the Saints Study Centre Presentation Evening at Franklin’s Gardens. Saints player Nic Groom and mascot Bernie were on hand to present you with your medals and T-shirts.

What were your highlights of the time we spent at the Study Centre? Do you have a message of thanks for Pete and Jeanette? Post them here.


3 thoughts on “Saints Presentation Evening

  1. My highlight of that night was when I got my saints shirt and my certificate
    signed by Nic Groom. Also I loved it when I got to have my photo taken with him. 😃

      • My highlights are :
        1) On our first day when we got a tour of the stadium, it was awesome because there were so many things I didn’t know about the Saints.
        2) Making our own badges, I loved how you could customise your very own badge!
        3) When we did circus skills, my favourite thing to do was to try and spin the plate, it was very hard!
        4) When we did science with Atomic Tom and when we had fun making our own slime!

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