Flip Learning – Maths (Written subtraction methods)

Next week we will be focussing on subtraction. The first thing we need to know is how you do subtraction at the moment, so here are some questions for you to have a go at.

83 – 57        382 – 155      444 – 186     502 – 245     1625 – 717      3007 – 1999

Do them in your learning log and post your answers on the blog. Then watch these videos. They explain some subtraction methods which you may have used in school. What do you think? Do you have any questions?




There are many ways of doing subtraction and we have to find those that work consistently for us. You need one “go to” method that you would use for most questions because it always works. There may then be other questions that you use other methods for because it is more efficient.

13 thoughts on “Flip Learning – Maths (Written subtraction methods)

  1. 1) 83-57 = 26
    2) 382-155 = 227
    3) 444-186= 258
    4) 502-245= 257
    5) 1625-717= 908
    6) 3007-1999= 1008
    I used column subtraction to work out the questions.

      • I found question 4 and 6 hard. With question 4 at first I didn’t know how to borrow 1 from the 0 to take across to the 2 but then my mum showed me that you need to cross out the 50 and then borrow 1 (to make it 49) and place it with the 2 to make 12. With question 6 I wasn’t sure how to borrow but then I remembered that it’s almost like question 4 and I needed to cross out the 300 and borrow 1 (to make it 299) to make 17.
        I used column subtraction because when I tried to partition it didn’t work because you can’t do (for example) 3-7.

  2. On the first video I kind of got what they were trying to say .I also knew what the second video told me.But the last video was a problem because I didnt really get the replacing numbers part or (borrowing).

    • That’s fine Saira. The idea is that some videos suit you better than others. Personally, I think that “borrowing” should be called “exchanging”. This part is in all of the videos if you look closely.

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