RSC Live Broadcast for schools of Hamlet


Here is the place to blog all things Hamlet!

Before watching, tell us everything you know about the play. Include plot, characters, anything that comes to mind.

During the production tomorrow you will be able to blog during the intervals about what you have just watched. Again, you can comment on anything to do with the play that interests you.


69 thoughts on “RSC Live Broadcast for schools of Hamlet

  1. Well today we looked at a scene called the dumb show I think. Which is basically where Gertrude ( which is the Queen of Denmark ) , Claudius ( which is the new King of Denmark because he was the one that actually killed the old King of Denmark. What he did was he put some poison into the old kings ear which made him become dead!!!!. The last person is Hamlet ( he is now the Prince of Denmark).Let me just tell you about how Claudius became King of Denmark.

    Well one day Queen Gertrude and the old king were walking along the hall I think. The Queen notices that the King starts getting tired so the Queen rest’s
    him down and let’s him fall asleep. In comes a fellow named ” Claudius” he crouches down and sees the king asleep. He then takes his crown and kisses it. After that he grabs his poison and he put it into the King’s ear which made him dead!!!!. Then in comes Gertrude the Queen and find’s the King dead!!! She then starts crying!!!!. In comes the ” fellow” again( which is Claudius )and starts ”crying” ( he is actually pretending really )

    The body is now been carried away!! Claudius then decides to give the Queen presents to make her feel better he tries that a few times and doesn’t work but unfortunately she finally accepts his love. Now Hamlet can’t believe that her Mother is actually married to his Uncle!!. We had to basically act that whole scene out! While Hamlet,Claudius, and Gertrude are watching the play Hamlet
    tries to irritate his Uncle because Hamlet got told by the ghost of his dead father!!!
    that his Uncle killed him!! And what Hamlet is trying to do is irritate his uncle so that Hamlet could see if his Father ( the ghost ) is wright and guess what it is!!!
    Because Hamlet watched his Uncle all the way and when it was the part where
    he actually put poison in the dead King’s ear he shouted and said” GIVE ME SOME LIGHT AWAY!!!!!”.

  2. The story:

    In the beginning all was well the king and queen they were at a field,Girtrude put the king on a flower bed and let him to rest along came Claudius he put a poison in the kings ears and then ran away. Then in came the queen and found him dead she ran o and cried then in came Claudius (the poisoner) and tried to woo her with gifts but Girtrude was playing hard to get so the second gift he gave her she softened up and said yes so Claudius became the new king married to Girtrude and they both went of. The moment Hamlet knew about this he was angry because Claudius was his uncle but He knew Claudius was the cause of his fathers death.


    Rosencrantz, Guildenstern, Girtrude, Ghost (old kings dead spirit), Hamlet, Horatio, Hamlets ”girlfriend”, the girlfriends dad, Liurties and Geramos

    • Good account of the scene Josephine. Try to tighten up your sentences – be clear where a sentence starts and finishes.

      Hope you enjoy the live broadcast tomorrow. Look out for this scene.

  3. Well I can’t wait for Cladius reaction on the mimed play of how the king died.
    Why would you want to kill your own brother?
    How did Gertrude feel about the play?
    What about the other people in the ordinance how would they feel?

  4. The story:

    It all starts with the king and the queen then the queen leaves him asleep. After that gonzago kiss the crown and then pours a poison in his ears then leaves

  5. Why did my mum get married 2 months after my dads death?
    Is it true that Haratio saw my fathers ghost?
    Why has my dad died so suddenly?
    Who killed my father?

  6. Today when we were watching the broadcast Hamlet part 1 the play starts of with Hamlet at his graduation.After that he goes to his fathers funeral and 2 months after that he goes to his mothers wedding which he is not happy about.

  7. Hamlet might think this marriage is going to change his life and family
    Why did Claudius murder his brother, old Hamlet
    he will have to revenge his fathers death
    he makes lots of mistakes
    I don’t like Hamlet because he has a mad character

  8. As Hamlet seas his Uncle marring his mother he got angry because he’s father has just died and Hamlets Mother thinks that marring his Uncle is the best thing for him

  9. So far the play has been amazing . My favourite part is when ( Old ) Hamlet sees Hamlet for the first time in years also I like how the stage brought him to the ground after they had there dialogue .


    Hamlet goes mad because he just graduated , found out his mother got married to her brother in law and that his father ( The old King ) died .

    Hamlet also goes to Ophelia and shows her that he is going mad and he might need help .

    That’s only part one so existed for part two see you then hope everyone is enjoying it as much as I am . Bye

  10. Well Hamlet has just returned from graduation in Germany but when he comes back he hears that his dad died and his mum is marring his uncle 2 months after his death. Hamlet is thinking about Horatio telling him that he saw his dads ghost . Hamlet is wondering why his fathers brother killed him.???????
    what kind of brother is he?????????

  11. When we watched the first half, the parts I liked the most was when Hamlet was talking to the ghost of his dead father and the ghost was on a platform that came from under the stage and when Hamlet made Horatio, Marcellus and Bernardo swear not to speak about his father’s ghost, and the way you could hear his ghost saying “SWEAR”. I like the way they have done the ghost’s costume instead of just having a voice in the background they dressed someone up to look like his father then using the smoke to show when he appears and disappears.

  12. Hamlet is thinking about why claudios murdered his father.
    Hamlet is entreaged by his fathers ghost.
    Hamlet is also thinking how he could prove claudios is guilty.
    Hamlet is wondering if claudios had reason to murder his innocent and loving father.

  13. I realised that in one of the parts we could understand because we worked on it on Monday and most of the pupils can understand it. the first bit of part one didn’t really make sense because it hopped really quickly from the graduation to the fathers coffin and straight to the watch tower. cant wait to watch part 2. πŸ™‚

  14. The first part of the broadcast was when hamlet went to university and dream’s
    about his mouther and uncle getting married
    and death of his father

  15. Hamlet is going blistic because claudius killed his father.Hamlet wants reveng on claudius.Hamlet is starting to qwesting him self to see if he sould kill claudius or not.Hamlet has got into Ophlia room and he sqweesed her rist and tuched her face.
    To be conitinued.

  16. well in the story so far hamlet has seen his ghost and he finds out Claudius and Gertrude have got married 2 months after old Hamlet was poisoned. Hamlet was noticed about the sighting of his fathers spirit by his loyal friend Horatio and the tower guards Marcellus and Bernardo. Hamlet goes to the tower where he sees his father and is told about the murder.
    To be continued
    Oli and Tyler Matthews

  17. Today year 5 and year 6 watched a play called Hamlet so far i like it . I think that Hamlet thinking who killed his dad. the main characters are Claudius Gertrude Prince Hamlet Horatio Polonius Phelia…


    • CARRY ON

      Laertes Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. When we watched the second half Hamlet smudged paint over Ophelia face , and you know Hamlet it looks like he grabbed her but he didn’t.

  18. Claudius has married Gertrude hamlets mother and now hamlet is depressed. The characters are mad Hamlet is mad about his farther died because of Claudius.

  19. The way they move from the scenes is quick and the stage is realy amazing it fells alive.How the acters act is amazing and it fellsc like they meen it when there upset or angry. to be countiued

  20. he shouldn’t kill him straight away, he needs a plan to kill Claudius.
    he should kill him straight away however he can take Claudius off his mind

  21. he shouldn’t kill him straight away, he needs a plan to kill Claudius.
    he should kill him straight away however he can take Claudius off his mind

  22. I think Hamlet should kill Claudius now because when Claudius watches the play called the dumb show.He is going to act guilty but i will only get my revenge when he reacts to it

  23. We just came back from watching part 2 my favourite part was when Hamlet got to Ophelia she tried to make him calm down but when he realised that the king and Polonius were behind the curtain he then became abusive.

  24. I think Hamlet should kill Claudius because he is betraying him and he got his ”Girlfriend” to go against him and he has made Hamlet very mad. So basically I think he should kill Claudius.

  25. I think i sould kill him him now because this might be my only chance for sweet revenge. I think i shoudnt kill him now because i want to prove him guilty
    before i make moves. I think i shouldnt kill Claudios at all because he deserves to be tortured. I should kill him slowly but painfully. he deserves to lose everything. we could imprison him. we could burn him and display his bones in a museum, or we could murder him the same way he killed my father.

  26. Its surprising how Hamlet didn’t actually Hold Ophelia and it looked like he was strangling her.
    Also Hamlet was so serious and so good at acting everyone was superb It is one of my favourite plays

      • That’s a cracking question Beau! Mine is Henry V as I remember studying it at school (a long time ago). The live broadcast and the work we did in school really helped me to understand it better than I did then!

  27. be continued…

    then Gertrude comes in with passionate action but surprisingly Gonzargo comes in like he had nothing to do with this an try`s to pleas her but it didn’t work so he brang all of the possible presents to make her feelings happy and there feelings became happy.

  28. So in part 2, Hamlet really starts to express how he goes crazy as he physically assaults Ophelia in his graffiti den, he does this because Ophelia tries to give him back the gifts he gave her. he assaults Ophelia by grabbing her on the neck and putting paint on her face.

    What I found interesting is the stage because all little things can gust pop out and there’s a big bit falls down and it is really cool.

  29. when Hamlet went mad and tried to get his anger on Ophelia and put paint on her face I think he trying to make Ophelia tell him that he dad is behind the curtain and spying on them so he thinks he’s working for Culdius

  30. Hamlet was going crazy because he seen some one behined the curton and he went boncers.he strangaled Ophlia and put green paint on Ophlia s face.Ophlia s Father went blistic when he heard Hamlet screaming at Ophlia because her father cears a lot about her,and he agres to get rid of Hamlet.

  31. Part 2 of Hamlet was the part I was waiting for. It’s the part were Hamlet askes them to put on a play for Claudius to watch . Also so Hamlet can find out if King Claudius killed the old king. Also one of the parts that was hard to was when Hamlet said “get thee to a nunnery” to Ophelia.

  32. Hamlet thinks anyone who is not helping him is an enemy and there working with claudius.but now he is getting some acters to play the play to see if claudius is giulty of his fathers death and if so he will kill him.

  33. Hamlet is my favourite shakespeare play that ive ever watched.My favourite character is Othelia because on every scene that she played she allways stood out in a good way.My favourite scene is the end scene because in that scene everyone gets poizoned because Hamlet has gone crazy and just wants to kill everybody exept 2 people Horatio Hamlets best freind and the his uncle.

  34. Hamlet was distraught when he found out that he’s Uncle called: Claudius killed his father, and near the end of the play Hamlet decides to challenge Laertes to a stick fight and non won Claudius sadly, he died by Hamlet getting the stick with poison and wacking Claudius in the chest and at the end of the play every on dies but two Horatio and Fortinbras, Fortinbras takes over the place

  35. Part3. In part3 Hamlet was sent to England with his friends Guildenstern and Rosencrantz. Ophelia goes crazy and has scratch marks everywhere up her arms, she rips out her hair and gives it names etc.. . Ophelia sadly drowns and Hamlet comes back as his ship was attacked by pirates. Laertes comes back from Paris and seeks revenge on Hamlet for his fathers and sisters death so they have a tick fight and Gertrude drinks a poison drink, Laertes stabs hamlet who then stabs Laertes back and runs at Claudius, stabs him and forces the poison liquor down his throat. finally Hamlet dies which leaves Fortinbras in charge and Horatio living his life.
    By Oli and Tyler Matthews

  36. Characters: Polonius, Ophelia, Litres, They are all a family. Hamlet, Gertrude, Claudius, they are a family(also the dead king). Marcels, Horatio, Bernardo,they are all friends.

    The Story line: the production is based on tradergey and love that has been torn into shreds. It has intense scenes.

  37. I think I should kill him now because…
    Because my fathers ghost said I need revenge his dead cold body.
    I should kill him because he ruind my life.
    He killed my dad and took his place in the family.
    He made me go insane and loose my mind.
    He change my mother in so many ways.
    His life should be cursd of bad luck forever until he is DEAD.
    I should kill him right this second right in front of his gueen!!!!!!
    He has no rights to the throne nor my mum or the castle.
    He is nothing like my dad because my dad would never do that to his brother.

    The only reason I dont want to kill him because he is my uncle.

  38. Hamlet
    by Shakespeare

    What I liked about the play :

    1 I liked the part of the play when Hamlet sees the ghost of his father ( The Old King Hamlet ) also when the ghost tells Hamlet that he was MERDERED !! 2 However another one of my favourite scenes is when the dumb show is going on and the new king goes mental at everyone because the play represents how he killed old Hamlet

    That’s all for now . Bye

  39. my fav part was the fight part because it was hard to watch but very entataning part to watch.The one thing i did not under staned was that even thow Hamlt was poisoned first he survived longer than evry one els.And when he killed claudiushe looked purficly fine but wodeled a bit.The fight part was just briliant and my fav charictor was Hamlet.

  40. My of Hamlet….

    The MAIN Characters are…

    1. Claudius

    2. Gertrude

    3. Prince Hamlet

    4. Horatio

    5. Polonius

    6. Ophelia

    7. Laertes

    8. Rosencrantz

    9. Guildenstern

  41. I have just came back from watching the play my favourite part of the play is watching the dumb show and watching Claudius’s reaction. My favourite character is Ophelia she is really pretty and kind-hearted. In part 1 Hamlet returns from Wittenberg university to go to his Father’s funeral and go see his Mother’s wedding but Hamlet is not to happy about it!!. Then Horatio, Marcellus and Bernardo spotted Hamlet’s father’s ghost but actually there not really sure if it’s actually Hamlet’s dead Father!!

    To be continued…

  42. Today I really enjoyed the play and I want to see it again cuz I loved it πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ•ΆπŸ•ΆπŸ•ΆπŸ‘ 

  43. my favourite part was when Hamlet changed into a angry person. I think the worst death was Ophelia death was because she drowned because of Hamlet.

    • I thought that the last part was very dramatic and tough to watch, more so than any of the other broadcasts that we have watched. A very powerful performance!

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