Flip Learning – Maths – Written Addition

Next week our focus will be addition. It is important that all of you are able to master the column addition method which is shown in these videos. Watch them to either remind yourself of the method or get to know it better.

We will be practising this next week but feel free to make up and have a go at some problems of your own, and bring them in on Monday.

Blog any comments or questions that you need to.



17 thoughts on “Flip Learning – Maths – Written Addition

  1. I all ways use the column method every time I add or subtract too it’s easier for me because that’s how my mum taught me the column method.Quick fact I also use it in subtracting and multiplying too.But I use another method that my mum taught me because she used the method when she was younger at school.It’s really easy to understand if you ask me.

    • Terrific feedback Rebeca! I might use you as learning expert then because others will need help with the column method of addition.

      A couple of questions for you:
      1. Are methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication the same?
      2. Love the fact you have other strategies too. Show me! How would you decide which strategy to use for an addition question?

  2. I watched the videos and I didn’t really understand the part where you ‘carry’ a number, could you explain more on Monday, Mr Bushell?

    • We’ll do plenty of practise Tamsin so don’t worry. So good to see you persevering. You’ll be fine. Once you get this method you’ll be able to use it for adding any kinds of number.

  3. I all ways use colum method to do anything and I feel strong with the method I have some to give to you on Monday hope you like them . Hope everyone had a nice weekend hope you were all safe and had fun . See you tomorrow .

    • Can’t wait to have a look Latesha. I’ll be using you as a learning expert then! I’ll also need to find questions that really test out your use of this method!

  4. I whatched the videos and i liked them. They are tricky problems to solve but I don’t think I will be able to solve them. I watched the videos and I don’t understand a lot about this I only understand a few things.
    when are we learning about it in class.
    Bye Beau

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