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Next week is the first RSC Live School Broadcast of the year! On Thursday you will be watching the full version of Hamlet direct from the RSC theatre in Stratford. Before the broadcast we will be getting to know the play and will be basing our writing and reading learning around it.

To be prepared for this we would like you to watch this video which tells you the story of Hamlet. It would be useful for you to have some knowledge of the plot and the characters before Monday.

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15 thoughts on “Flip Learning – Hamlet

  1. The group that got picked to work with some visitors.(including me) Mr Wolmarans
    all ready told us about Hamlet and the play. We got to work with the visitors about
    different types of scenes in the play. We got to know a bit more about the plot and
    characters. Can’t wait until Monday see you all there.

  2. Hamlet by Shakespeare

    When people got chosen to do the day with the teachers it was amazing . We were all blown away its such a deep concept and I hope everyone enjoys it .

    Why I like ( LOVE ) the play …

    . I love the play its so out of the box .
    . Its so different to what we have done before .
    And lastly …
    It’s so good because hamlet is so deep .

    Words to describe the play …

    . Scary
    . Mysterious
    . Awesome
    . Deep
    . Interesting

    Thank you for reading
    I hope you enjoy Thursday and the preparation its really good see you then . Have fun !!!

  3. So i think that its a fornonamol play and its one of my favourite plays. This act inspires me to become an actor. Also the characters are intense and Hamlet is mad fully from the begginig and the end.

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