Saw this on Twitter earlier. Must have been pretty annoying for the poor individual involved! I wonder what made him stop?

From a mathematical point of view however it raises the question of how many hiccups this would have been during the 69 years. Start small (How many in a minute or hour?) and see what you can discover. House points and respect to anyone having a go.


9 thoughts on “Hiccups!

  1. 60 sec ÷ 1.5sec=40 hicups 1min 40×60mins=240 hicups 1 hour
    240 ×24=5760 hicups 1 day
    5760×365=2102400 1 year
    2102400×69=145065600 69 years

    • I love the process that you go through to work this out.

      I do think that there is one working out mistake early on in your work. Can you spot it as it will have an impact on everything else that you do from that point forwards?

  2. Well in a minute you can hiccup 60 times. In a hour you can hiccup 360 times . I worked it out without researching your sincerely Beau

    • I can see your thinking here Beau. However, the man hiccupped once every 1.5 seconds – would this be 60 hiccups per minute?

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