19 thoughts on “Autobiographical Poem

  1. My name is Tyler.
    I am sporty (ish), tall, mathematical and whimsical.
    I am the son of Dan and Anna( my mum and dad).
    I love family, my cat and my ps3.
    I feel rapturous, forlorn and apprehensive (my main ones were those).
    I find happiness in playing games on my console,playing with my family and cat and eating mcdonalds and burger king.
    I need my family,console and laptop.
    I give the shopkeeper money,my cat her dinner and my family treats (stuff like chocolate and sweets etc.).
    I fear those killer clowns, the end of the world and my game console finally being broken by my cat.
    I want to see a solar eclipse, meteor shower and the film Dr Strange.
    I enjoy chocolate,being with my family and computer games.
    I like to wear my slayer heavey metal t-shirt, my leather jacket and jeans.
    I would like to say that i also like to wear my trainers and football boots and I also want to see Saturn turn because it takes over 200 years to do just one orbit.
    My last name is Matthews.

  2. Mazahir
    Dizzy, hyper, dabalicious and whimsical
    I am the brother of m and m, Meesum and Masooma
    I love my family, my PS3 and my sister
    I feel alive, happy and crazy
    I find happiness in playing fifa
    I need my family, phone.
    sorry in class

    • I give and share my sweets and money,
      I fear dogs, heights and being scared by people,
      I would like to see a hover board, killer clowns and Zlatan Ibrahimovic,
      I enjoy spending time with my family, playing games and supporting my football team,
      I like to wear my football kit, my Manchester United jacket and my Adidas football boots
      I play for West Bromwich Albion F.C

  3. My name is leo.
    Im really sporty I game loads a bit lazy and kind.
    Im a son of Rebbeca Trey (my too really nice mums)
    I love my brother and sisters cats and my dogs aswell as mu mums I cant forget about my xbox.
    Im normally engetic but I can get really angry but never in school.
    I get really happy when I complete a season on forza motarsport 4 because it gets really hard.

  4. My name is Rebeca.
    I am the daughter of Adrian and Julie.
    I am the step sister of Vlad [my step brother].
    I am the lover of my family,cat and laptop.
    I feel exited,crazy and energetic.
    I find proudness in some of the videos that
    I watch on my laptop.
    I need my family,cat and electronics.
    I give my Cat love and respect and love to my family.
    I fear balloons,big dogs and deadly animals.
    I want to see what is going to happen in the future.
    I enjoy playing with my friends,school and holidays.
    I like to wear my skirts/dresses and tang tops.
    I would like to say that I like the colour mint

    My last name is Milian

  5. My name is Ashia.
    I’m neighbourly,ambitious and independent.
    I’m the daughter of Karen and Paul and the sister of Amar.
    I love my dog ,reading and my family.
    I feel upbeat,lively and busy.
    I find happiness in my dog,drawing,being with my friends and sport.
    I need sports,family and my dog.
    I give gifts to people (family,friends) I give people attention and ideas.
    I fear of killer clowns, my dog peeing on my bed and dieing.
    I want to see the worlds cutest puppy, the worlds best basketball player and a drama director.
    I enjoy playing with my dog,playing basketball and hanging out with my family and friends.
    I like to wear skinny jeans ripped belly top with a black vest under neath(if it’s cold any jumper I have.) and some Nike fluxes.
    I would like to add my favourite things are dogs,learning,sports,performing arts and my family and friends.
    My last name is king:)

  6. My autobiography poem

    My name is Beau.
    Im Kind, caring, thoughtful, generous. I’m the daughter of Dolly and William kids are William George Mitchell . I also have two sisters and one older brother they all live in their own house so they don’t live with me. My loving people is Familey , Dog, freinds . My emotions is cheerful , depressed, frightened. I find happiness in pets and Money and birthday. Well I need Heelys a laptop and I need to go and see Olly Murs. The person who gives me stuff is my big brother Mitchell my mum and my dad.

    My fear is when my dog dies !my heart will be broken with out her. I would like to see my mums mum .my dads dad and my dog’s brother and sister. I enjoy playing with my loom bands going on roller skating and playing on my bike. I like to wear bows dresses and leggings. And my best friends are Latesha Ashia Blessing Ellie Saira sumaya Thomas Marley and Demi and mazhair Aden Then do . And my last name is Greenley

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