Flip Learning – Word Classes in Song Titles

This week we investigated the titles of the twenty biggest selling singles of 2015. Which word classes did the titles come from? Which words were nouns, adjectives and verbs? Were there any pronouns? What about adverbs and determiners? Any conjunctions? Some of you even discovered interjections! Wow!

Your challenge is to post at least one song title and have a go at explaining which word classes the words come from. Remember that your explanation is as important as just saying the word class.

You can pick any songs – modern or older. Get your parents involved too! Do as any songs as you can. I’m also going to post some too so apologies in advance for the songs I pick!

35 thoughts on “Flip Learning – Word Classes in Song Titles

  1. 1.Shake it off by Taylor Swift I think that greatest is
    I think that shake it off is an a adjective because it’s
    verb because it’s a command probably describing a
    and Taylor Swift is a noun person how they are.
    because it’s a name of a
    person. 3.don’t let me down by
    the Chainsmokers
    2.Greatest by Sia down I think is an
    interjection. To be continued…

  2. Lean and dab.👈 The song.😂😎
    Lean is a verb because it a doing things.
    Dab is a noun and a verb because it a thing but also so thing you do.

  3. My song is going to be locked away.

    Locked is a verb because you can lock something like lock a door or a car.

    Away is an Adverb because you can go away from somewhere.
    Ex:Alex has gone away to Africa.

  4. My other song is stitches by Shawn Mendes.

    Stitches is a verb because you can stitch something and you doing it so stitches is a doing word.
    Ex:I am going to stitch your clothes.

  5. Right, here it goes. A few songs from Madness (who else?!).

    Night Boat to Cairo – Night is an adjective here because it describes the type of boat. Boat is a noun (common). To is a preposition because it shows the direction of the boat. Cairo is a place and is therefore a noun (proper). Do you know which country Cairo is in?

    House of Fun – House is a noun (common). Of is a preposition because it shows what the “house” is full of. Fun is a noun in this instance because it is what is inside the house; it does not describe the house itself.

    Baggy Trousers – Baggy is an adjective because it describes the trousers which is a common noun.

    Comments welcome!

    More to come – not Madness next time!

  6. Here’s a couple more:

    Birdhouse in Your Soul – They Might Be Giants

    Birdhouse is a noun (common).
    In is a preposition.
    Your is a pronoun.
    Soul is a noun (common).

    Can also do the band name for this one:

    They is a pronoun.
    Might is a verb (but is a noun when talking about physical strength).
    Be is a verb.
    Giants is a noun (common).

    Somebody Told Me – The Killers

    Somebody is a pronoun.
    Told is a verb.
    Me is a pronoun.

    Let’s do the band too:

    The is a determiner (an article).
    Killers is a common noun (plural). In the sentence “a killer cold” it would be an adjective though!

    Love words!

  7. Hello – injection because an injection describes feelings / emotions.
    Ride – verb because it’s a command.
    Cold water – cold is an adjective because it’s describing a noun and water is a common noun.
    Heathens – Adjective because it’s describing the noun.
    When will I be famous – famous is an adjective because it’s describing the noun.
    Lean and bop – Both are verbs because they are commands.
    Dancing on my own – dancing is an adjective and I think own is a noun.
    Happy – happy is an adjective because it describes the noun.
    The river – river is a common noun.
    Stitches – stitches is an adjective because it describes the noun.
    Treat you better – I think better is an appraise.
    Seven years old – old is an adjective.
    Rap god – rap is a verb and i think God is an adverb.


  8. My song is : Side to Side

    Side – Noun because it is to the left , right , up to below you

    To – Preposition, infinitive marker , Adverb
    Preposition – Exposing a motion
    Infinitive marker – used as a base verb
    Adverb – So as to be closed or be nearly closed.

    • You have done really well to identify side as a noun in this song title. Well done.

      Is “to” all of these word classes in this example?

  9. My songs are :

    Side to Side – Side – Noun To – Preposition , infinitive marker and Adverb Side – Noun
    Hello – Verb , Noun and Exclamation

    Side – Noun , Verb
    Noun – A position to the left or right of an object , place and central point
    Ex ( noun ) : ” The town on the other SIDE of the river . ”
    Verb – Support or appose in a conflict , dispute or debate
    Ex ( verb ) : ” He felt that Max had betrayed him by SIDING with Lola .”

    To – Preposition , Infinite marker and Adverb
    Preposition – Expressing motion in the direction of ???
    Ex ( Preposition ) : ” Walking down TO the shops . ”
    Infinite marker – Used with the base form of a verb
    Adverb – So as to be closed or nearly closed
    Ex ( adverb ) : ” He pulled the door TO behind him . ”

    Hello – Verb , Noun and Exclamation
    Verb – Say or shout HELLO !!!
    Ex ( verb ) :”I pressed the phone button and said HELLO !!! ”
    Noun – An utterance of ‘Hello’ ; a greeting
    Ex ( noun ) : ” She was getting HELLO’S from everyone ”
    Exclamation – Used as a greeting or to start a conversation
    Ex ( exclamation ) : ” HELLO there , Katie “

  10. Song titles

    Well I have a few things to tell you.
    1 Taylor Swift Shake It Off
    2 maybe Annie
    3 thinking out loud

    Taylor Swift is a noun because it’s a name. And Shake It off is a adjective and a verb recovers a commond.
    Thinking is a verb because you’re thinking. How is a verb because you’re walking outside. Loud is a baby cuz you’re doing something something out loud.
    Annie is a and noun because it’s a name . And maybe is a time connective and I’ve just noticed that.😎😎😎😎😎😎

  11. Uptown is a adverb and funk is a noun. King is a noun shake is a verb off is a verb. Cheerleader is a noun. I is a pronoun want is a pronoun dance is a verb. Years is pronoun old is a pronoun.

    • Wow! An amazing find Saira. This is brilliant. We must share this with the whole of year six. It’s really helpful! You’ve earned your house a house point.

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