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You have been set a challenge on each of our visits to the Saints so far.

  1. Write a 250 word description of Franklin’s Gardens. Each entry will get 10 house points for their house. The best 3 will get a further 10 points each. Here are some pictures to remind you of our visit.
  2. Decorate your origami kits for a sports team of your choice. Bring them to the Study Centre on Tuesday 18th October. 5 house points for each and a further 10 for the best 3.

6 thoughts on “Saints Study Centre

  1. Franklin’s gardens is located in the St James district of Northampton.
    Franklin’s garden can hold 15,249 people. The four stands are Tetleys,Burrda,church’s and Barwell. It is also used a small the northampton conference centre. In 1888 the garden where sold for £17 000 to the northampton brewery company who made improvements and added new features.
    At the of the 1896/97 season a new stand was built by Mr A Dunham’s building company 45 feet long and costing and costings £45 and 4s a member payed 10 shillings for a season tickets ladies only paid 5 shillings .
    During the second world war it was used for lifestock.
    to be continued …

    • Tremendous blog Oli. An absolutely fascinating read. Definite house points for this. A great effort. Can’t wait to read more – you have taught me a lot.

    • Part 2
      In the 1966 season kicked off with the opening of the Gordon sturtRidge pavilion and the first floodlit game between saints and R E G JEEPS XV . Ithe then became one of the best rugby grounds in the country .
      During the 1976 season the club got a four acre traiming pitch on a 6 year the back of the ground. And in november 1977 the saints bought Franklin’s garden from the northampton brewery company for £30000 .
      During the 1990 a lot of temporary stands increased increased the capacity up to 10000. Then in 2001 the stadium was completely rebuilt. Costing £6 million .
      the north stand was redeveloped in 2015 and the new Barwell stand was built.
      the tetleys stands holds 6000 people
      The Burrda stand holds 13,591 people
      The Barwell stand holds 2,000 people
      All the above information came from Wikipedia.

      • I didn’t know this Oli. Very interesting to see what happened in the 1970s. I remember going to Franklin’s Gardens in the late-1980s – it was very different to what it is now.

        Check your capacity for the Burrda stand. I think the overall capacity is just over fifteen thousand so this seems a bit high.

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