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Right Year 6, let’s try something new! Here are some videos about place value. The first one from BBC Bitesize is a history of place value. The next two are songs about how place value works with our number system. The last two explain what Roman Numerals are and how they work. We would like you to watch these in order to learn about this important area of Mathematics. Next week we will be working on Roman Numerals and place value, and would like to give you the chance to learn something before we start. You might even want to find videos or other things on the internet that tell you more about place value or Roman Numerals. Feel free to blog any comments, questions, ideas or other videos that might be useful. Let’s be experts by the time we get to school!



23 thoughts on “Flip Learning – Place Value

  1. I found the Roman numerals videos easy for me to understand and now, after watching them videos I feel a bit more confident in Roman numerals and it was fun to learn an old number system .

      • They are different because Roman numerals are letters and today we use numbers. Roman numerals weren’t just used for counting and amounts but they were also used for Kings, for example: Henry IV and many more.

  2. Here’s a link to a Roman numerals quiz


    When on this website scroll down to year 6 and click maths then in the first section named: Place values and number sense, click on A.5 which is Roman numerals

  3. To the left decimal point numbers are one tens,hundreds,thousand,ten thousand,hundreds thousand final to the right is the same l don’t need Repeat have a great day.

    • It is not the same to the right of the decimal point! Watch the video again and listen out for tenths and hundredths. Tell me what you find out.

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