6 thoughts on “Thinking Skills

  1. They would be banned
    They would be illegal to sell
    Their teeth would rot
    Dentists shops will be filled
    Shops will shutdown early
    Shops will be packed

  2. Umm!! If sweets were free I would take some and share them with my family .but if they have sugar it will make me hyper . And it might tot your teef 😃!!

  3. Other people from different countries would come to England to have sweets.
    It will make you hyper.😆
    It will make you have a sugar rush.
    Houses will be filled with candy rappers.
    Children’s lunch,dinner and breakfast will be sweets.
    Rubbish bins will be filled.
    Pack lunches will be sweets.
    Water bottles in school and everywhere would be chocolate juice.

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