Roald Dahl Week

Tuesday 13th September would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday and is Roald Dahl day across the country. To celebrate, we will be having a week dedicated to one of the most popular authors, beginning with a viewing of the BFG at Lings Forum on Monday and ending in a dressing up day on the 16th.

What are your favourite Roald Dahl books? Which are your favourite characters? What do you know about Roald Dahl? Where did he get his ideas from for his stories? What other things has he done in his life?

roald dahl

42 thoughts on “Roald Dahl Week

  1. Really exited because it’s going to be the best week ever I love all the books he has wrote.I loved his book ; when I first read matilda I got lost in that book like no other sadly couldn’t finish it because I got it from the library. I’ve always wanted to to reed bfg .I really hope that we have some Roal Doal books on the book shelf.

  2. I’m really exited for next week i’m going to dress as Matilda because she is my favorite Rhold Dhal character.I love the book and I also love the movie as well.

  3. Well,my favourite Roald Dahl books are The Twits,Georges Marvellous medicine and Fantastic Mr Fox.
    My favourite characters have to be Mr and Mrs Twit because they are always pranking eachother with the worm spaghetti and the growing walking stick.
    I know that Roald Dahl was born in 1916 in Llandaff, Cardiff, he was also named after the Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen(the first person to sail to the south pole).
    Some of Roald Dahls exemplary ideas for his stories often came from his adventures, for example, Charlie and Chocolate Factory was based on his first time going to cadbury’s world and James and the Giant Peach was made because he had wondered what would happen if a fruit kept growing.
    Roald Dahl fought in WW2 as a pilot for the British airforce and he was involved in a crash so he was a hero and an author.

  4. My favourite book from the authors of Roald Dahl is Matilda it is a very good book
    I give it five star rating. My all time favourite is Mrs Trunchbull she is a very interesting charecter.I also love the character called Matilda she is a young girl with amazing talent and she also has magical powers which sounds awesome!!!!

  5. My favourite Roald Dahl book was Matilda and Charlie and the chocolate factory. My favourite character in Matilda are Miss honey because Miss Honey is really sweet and kind and at the end she takes Matilda with her at the end. My favourite character in Charlie and the chocolate factory is willy wonka because he’s funny and and he really doesn’t pay attention.

  6. My favourite Roald Dahl book is the BFG, it was an interesting book.
    my favourite character is Willy Wonkier because he is a funny character and is dumb in the head.

    • I think you mean Willy Wonka! Is there a nicer way of saying “dumb in the head”? Could one word sum up what you are trying to say?

  7. I have many roald dahl bookso at home.they include matilda gorges marvoulas medicine fabulous Mr Fox and a massive book called the roald Dahl treasury .my favourite book is gorge and the marvoulas medicine.
    I can not decide what to dress as matilda or Charlie or a umpa lumpa.
    10 fact about Roald dahl:
    1, he was born 13/9/1916
    2, he did not start writing children’s books till he had children of his own.
    3.he wrote his stories in a Hut at the bottom of the garden.
    4.he was a hurricane fighter pilot during ww2.
    5. He has 2 steel hips.
    6. He wrote the screen play for chiity chiity bang bang and bond you only live twice.
    7.he write short stories first adult published as takes for the unexpected.
    8. Loves chocolate. Not chocolate cake or ice cream.
    9.he always wrote in pencil or yellow paper.
    10. He died 23/11/1990 and is buried in the church yard of St Peter and St Paul’s Church great Missenden.

  8. My other favorite Rhold Dhal book is the BFG I love this book because I never did think that any giant would be as nice as the BFG.I also loved Sophie when she helped the big friendly giant even though he took her to giant land.

  9. My favarite Roald Dahl book is Matilda . My favarite character is Matilda because she is good and when miss honey asks her a question she answers it straight away and she knows every answer with maths . My Favarite Roald Dahl book is Danny . My favarite character is Danny because he is really good at helping jobs with dad.

  10. My favourite book from Roald Dahl book is Matilda/Charlie and the chocolate factory/The BFG it is an amazing book to read and if I had to vote on it out of 1 to 10 I would have to say 100

  11. My favourite Roald Dahl book is Matilda. I also like Charlie and the chocolate factory . Matilda is is also my favourite character. If I had to vote I would give a 10 for Matilda and a 9 for Charlie and the chocolate factor.

  12. My favourite book by Roald Dahl is the witches because it is a clash between horror and comedy. I like that they get turned into mice! Especially when the more overweight one gets tricked into taking the potion. Witches have purple eyes, blunt toed shoes, they also wear masks and wigs. So if you see one run, hide and try to call for help!

  13. In a small Buckinghamshire village, Matilda is a young girl. who is neglected by her parents, and she likes playing pranks. her father calls matilda a bookworm.

  14. to follow on from last time. At school matilda is disliked by her head mistress Miss Trunchbull. She makes friends with other pupils as well as one of the teachers, who is called miss Honey. Who goes to her parents to say about her intellectual abilities they ignore her.
    Matilda starts to have telekinetic powers and uses them against Miss Trunchbull. “who is not a nice person”. Makes her leave the school.
    Miss Honey goes to see matilda’s parent’s who have been treating her badly, when she gets there they are leaving because the police are after them, she gets them to agree that Miss Honey looks after her.

  15. Five facts about the wonderful athure Roal dahl: 1.he wrote his books for his children .2 when he wrote he would write in his chair where all his things where in reach and he would even sleep in a sleepingbag in his chair.3 he collected chocolat bar rapers when he was a adult this is why he wrote charlie and the chocolate factory.4 his first story was for walt
    disney.5 he was a horrible gossip his daughter Lucy said he could never keep his mouth shut.

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