Summer 2016 Challenge

Have a great summer Year 5. When you return in September you will be Year Sixes. Have fun with those that you love over the summer, follow your passions and try something new.

And don’t forget your summer challenges:

  1. Go over the spelling lists that you were given. Knowing these words will be helpful come September.
  2. Explore your times tables grid. Again, knowing these facts and exploring these patterns will really help in September.
  3. READ!!! Don’t forget the library reading challenge. In September we will be celebrating what would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday so try to include at least one of his.
  4. Write about a place you visit.
  5. Take a “healthy-selfie”.
  6. Collect objects, photos or pictures that represent you and the theme “Who Do You Think You Are?” These should represent your passions and show us the person you are.

Don’t forget that you can email anything to me over the holidays at We also have a class twitter account @6Lings.

Looking forward to seeing what you can do.

Enjoy the holidays and see you in September.

Mr Bushell

34 thoughts on “Summer 2016 Challenge

  1. Here is the first book review of the summer. It is from Rebeca, who has been reading Gangsta Granny by David Walliams.

    This book is all about two gangstas that try and steal the crown jewels! Meet Ben’s Granny she is an international jewel thief. She loves spending time with her favourite grandson Ben. In this story Ben tries to convince her to go to
    the Tower of London and steal the crown jewels together. Meet Ben Granny’s grandson he is eleven. He absouloutly hates his Granny because he thinks that she is so boring and he also dislikes the fact that she stinks of cabbege.

    Meet ben’s Mum and Dad Ben’s Mum loves watching stricly stars it’s her favourite proggrame.Mum and Dad never missed the show where celebrities would be paired up with professional ballroom dancers. Especially when Flavio
    an italian ballroom dancer shows up on T.V. Last but not least meet Ben’s Dad he also loves watching strictly stars with Mum every Saturday evening they would turn on the t.v sit on the caoch and watch it for about two or three hours.

    Ben and his Granny spend a lot of time together. The book has a very sad ending to it because Ben discovered that granny is very ill and she has cancer then she passed away forever.

  2. Rebeca is in Romania! Here’s her account about what she’s doing:

    On 25th of July I came to Romania to visit my grandparents.I will stay here until september when school starts again.
    I’ve been visiting a lot of places. My favourite place was going to the pool and swimming for a few hours.I met a lot of new friends there and we spent a nice time together. Ihave been sliding on a slide for a hundered times! My grandma buyed me a really cool float. One time I kept on falling off it but after a while I made progress and got use to it.

    Then I went to my other grandma and her daughter [my aunty] she has a really cute puppy and his name is Miky I love playing with him. He allways jumps on me because he get’s really excited. I also have been visiting my other two aunties
    and they have two dogs one’s name is Cookie he is pretty agressive and the other one’s name is Rita she is really playfull and love’s people iching her belly.

  3. Here’s Tamsin’s review of her holiday in Cornwall. She even bumped into Mrs Davies and Tom!

    On the 30th of July my family and I went to stay at a stunning caravan park named Treyarnon Bay located in Newquay, Cornwall. We were camping with Michelle, Steve, Reece and Emma Swann, it was the first time we had been camping with our friends, we also had to help them put their tent up!

    We then visited an pleasant village named Padstow. The Harbour’s views were gorgeous especially because the sun rays were making the water shimmer. We took a stroll to the nearest fish and chip shop and ordered what I thought were the best fish and chips I’ve ever had in my life! Also, my dad met a famous chef named Rick Stein and got his Indian cookbook signed and they got a picture together.

    Our Auntie and our cousins came round because they only lived half an hour away from our campsite and we played lots of games with them including tennis, football, baseball and cricket. We introduced our cousins to Reece and Emma and we had a very fun time until it was time for them to leave.

    Then we visited Newquay and we had a walk round the seaside shops there and we took a stroll down to the beach, I also learnt how to use my mum’s professional camera. I took a picture of the beautiful waves crashing on the rocks. We also visited the amusements where I won a frisbee from a 2p machine and LOADS of keyrings. We had delicious Cornish pasties with salad in a proper pastie shop.

    We met up with Mrs Davies and her friends, Tom, the Swann family, Mrs Sargent and her husband on a beautiful beach named Harlyn Bay. We all played French cricket, cricket and we had bbq on the beach. I met a girl called Francesta (or Cesta for short) and we all were bodyboarding together. While bodyboarding, Mrs Davies broke my mum’s bodyboard!

    Our Auntie and cousins came over again for a sleepover and we all had fun playing with our new friends, Reece and Emma and the cousins we played things like tag, hide and seek and fourty fourty in!

    Sadly the next day we had to pack up and leave but my best friend named Izzy came and gave me her phone number and address and I gave her mine so we could still talk to each other. We said good bye and we all had a remember selfie!

    When we were about 10 minutes away from our house we had a VERY bad puncture but luckily my dad had all the tools and a spare wheel so soon we were home safely. It was a great holiday!
    By Tamsin Munro

  4. Beau has sent in healthy-selfies of her roller-skating, bike-riding, climbing and going down the zip-wire. She’s even sent in a video to show you.

  5. Molly went on holiday to a Haven holiday park. She had a great time despite not winning at bingo! Here is here review:

    Me and my family went to have a lovely time at Haven holiday centre. We slept in a caravan and I got my own room. There was a lot of entertainment including swimming, circus, live lounge, arcades and even a water flume in the swimming pool.

    My favourite part was going on the flume and it’s really high up, you jump on and the you see all of the caravans outside because it’s a outdoor slide. When I went on it I was a bit scared but I faced my fears and went on it with my mum and then I was going on it non stop.

    Every night we went to the live lounge and we played bingo for under 18s but did not win anything. My mum played the over 18s but did not win any prizes. We all had so much fun and didn’t stop laughing.

    The last day arrived and had to leave early in the morning at 10:00 so we all packed our bags and then left in the car it took 3 hours and a few minutes to get back. When we arrived I ran upstairs to my bedroom and jumped on my bed. It was good to be home.

  6. Tamsin has read Angels Next Door by Karen McCombie. Here is her review of it. Will she persuade you to give it a try?

    I chose this book because the title sounded interesting and the cover looked quite fascinating.

    This book is about two young girls named Riley and Tia, who are best friends, until Tia moves away and leaves a cut between them that can never be repaired. With Tia gone, Riley felt unprotected when the class bully Lauren (‘Queen of Everything’) and her friends start making Riley’s life a nightmare. Riley is all alone until the three Angelo sisters move in next door. Their names are Sunshine,
    Kitt and Pearl.
    Her new neighbours are different and they stand out, especially at school.
    It’s not just their names and clothes but there’s something magical and since they arrived there have been loads of strange coincidences.

    Riley had seen them in the classroom after school and saw that rising above Pearls left shoulder was a flock of white feathers. Then with a flutter two beautiful white wings unfold behind Pearl. Suddenly another two rustles are heard and four more wings appear into view. Sunshine explains that they are here to give Riley confidence and let her know she is not alone…

      • Hi Karen your book Angels Next Door was brilliant and I can’t wait to read the other two books. I’ve had a fabulous summer and i can’t wait to go back to school.

  7. Here’s Ashia’s book review. Are you tempted to read this?

    My book review.
    Grandpa’s great escape

    About the book:

    There is Grandpa who has had experience of world war and airplanes. He also has a grandson who has a room full of planes, BUT… there’s one problem he forgets some things sometimes in fact all the time. One night he climbed a tower which caused a problem… he had to go to a old home and his family is on a mission to get him out.

    I really like this book because it’s very entertaining and it’s kid friendly well any of David Walliams books are.

    I would give it 5/5 because it’s a brilliant book.

    From Ashia

  8. Ashia was lucky enough to go to lovely Skegness. Here’s her account of her trip:

    A place I have visited.

    A couple of days ago I went to Skegness with oli. It was my first time going to Skegness, but it wasn’t the last. I might be going next year. Skegness is a really great place to visit with your family because there are a lot of places to go and look at. I mostly went to the arcade buy I also visited the beach. The arcade had a lot to 2p coin pusher things, oli and I would always check the machines to see if there was any spare 2p coins (it was always be a competition to see who could get more.) When we went to the beach we walked into the damp area and get our feet stuck, we would stroll across the sea and try to find shells. After, we went to the park climb the climbing frame I would always fall. Then we got into the car and had a long journey home.

    From Ashia.

  9. Here is Molly’s book review about the brilliant Gangsta Granny by David Walliams.

    About: Ben and his granny make a plan to steal the Crown Jewels, they have worked their socks off which means climbing up a sewage pipe, swimming in wetsuits. Granny has a fall and is rushed to hospital, its her 98 birthday and she’s not feeling well. She thinks it’s very old and all she ever does is eat cabbage soup and play boring scrabble.

    Ben: likes plumbing hates dancing.

    Granny: International jewel thief loves playing scrabble and adores cabbage soup.

    Mr parker: granny’s nosy neighbour.

    Ben’s mum: loves to dance and also loves Flavio Flab the tanned dancer on TV.

    Ben’s dad: loves dancing too and want’s Ben to have a good relationship with dancing and to become a dance teacher so he can teach his mum and dad.

  10. How’s this for a book review from Saira. She’s read Cherry Blossom Dreams by Gwyneth Rees.

    Book Review

    This holiday the book that I read was called Cherry Blossom dreams. This book is about a young girl called Lilly.

    who dreams of having this house which is called cherry blossom .Everyday she would visit this deserted house withher brother John. When they were younger they would always visit the house secretly after school. At school she wasn’t the coolest but she then found out that she would be because her science teacher, Leo was going to be her new father.When she got to know she frieked out because she didn’t want anyone to know about it.

    Soon everyone at school gets to know about Lilly’s mum and her new dad. She really hates the attention that she gets at school people always ask her questions about Leo .After school she went to her best friends house Emily she saw the boy she likes Brandon her friends big brother. When Lilly sees Brandon she blushes and she can never manage to speak to him all she can say to him is hi or what are you doing. One day after school he came over to Lilly and said if he could use her secret hide away for a prom night as it was nearly end of the school year.

    She didn’t know what to say but she did not want to disappoint him so she just said yes but when she told her mom she had wished she hadn’t. She totally forgot that her mother was a sails woman for houses. Her mother had told her that she would be selling the house to another woman the same day as the party. Lilly started to freak out again she knew that none of the people would listen to her she was in big trouble. She really wanted to ask Emily if she could tell everyone the party was of but she knew what she would say. When the party started Lilly tried to be casual and tried to not make a mess of the place suddenly the music stopped and all the talking stopped as well. OH NO it was mum Lilly was in so much trouble.

  11. Here is Thomas B’s book review of The Magic Thief:







  12. Thomas also informs me that he has completed the library summer reading challenge. House points will be awarded for this. I wonder who else has done this?

  13. WOW! A second book review from Rebeca. This time she has read Hattie B, Magical Vet: The Unicorn’s Horn by Claire Taylor-Smith. Here it is:

    This book is all about where two friends meet in this magical world.They were sent there to help this unicorn called Lunar that needed help to fix his broken horn.This is what happened it was raining that day and it was even strucking lightning.Lunar was trying to go and look for somewhere to take shelter.Suddenly lightning hit a tree branch it then snapped in half and fell on him!!!.When he woke up he realised that his magical powers were not working!!!.

    Hattie a little girl that loved exploring and her friend called Mith Ickle her little dragon friend.They were sent on amission to go and look for this mysterious and extraordinary moon stone.That is hidden near this beautiful lake.

    It is the only lake in the kingdom of Bellua and it’s called the frozen mearkles.This lake is a home to the mermaids.In the beginning of the story Hattie was at swimming class with all her class mates.Mrs Riley their swimming teacher gave them a task to do at swimming class.

    The task was Mrs Riley had to throw three yellow ring’s from beside the pool.After she throwed them in to the water.They were working on their life saving badge.The first thing they had to do was dive deep down in the water and get those ring’s.Hattie got really scared but in the end she managed to get her life saving badge.

  14. Saira has had a cracking holiday. Here is her lovely account of her six weeks:

    My holiday
    Hope you like what I did this summer.

    On the first week my cousins and I came together and had a really big barbecue it was so yummy. We also went Milton Keynes I loved the little park they had I just kept on going on the trim trail it was really high but I loved it!

    The next week was the best I went to a lakeside it was so beautiful as we went at about 6 pm the sun set was really pretty after we saw the lake we went and watched the BFG i really loved it.Also this week we went London it was such a brilliant day.

    On the third week we went to my cousins house in Manchester we had so much fun looking at everything. I noticed that in Manchester all the shops are just bigger than in Northampton.

    On the fourth week we just spent time together as a family we played snakes and ladders and as always my dad won by cheating.It is still really fun when I hear my parents fighting like children. Its like i sometimes have to be a grown up.

    I loved the fifth week this was when I went to my other cousins house. They bought me a new dress and I loved it. I t was silky and Sadia loved it as well. I also went to the local Birmingham park. There weren’t loads of kids so I went onto the trim trail a bunch of times.It was so much fun!

    Finally the sixth week this week was good as well I had to get loads of my school things ready.I got new shoes and I also got another pencil case I loved all the things that I got for and I am ready to get back to school!

    Hope everyone had a brilliant summer just like me
    From Saira

  15. What a well-travelled class you are. Carolina has been to Moldova!

    This holiday I went to Moldova. My grand parents live there. So I stayed at their house for the whole month. I know it sounds boring but I had lots of fun. My grand parents have animals and when I am talking about animals I meant pigs, chickens, ducks, chicks and ducklings! I love mostly playing with the chicks. The worst thing was that we had no internet!

    Back to the happy things .We went to the beach every day. When I get bored I play with my friends that live there. We would play badminton and defeated everyone even the boys. I had lots of fun!!

  16. Oliver has had a very busy holiday. Just look at the amount of things he has done!

    From oliver g part 1

    I have been reading the hunger games books hunger games, catching fire and mocking Jay these are good books and I enjoyed reading them I give them 9/10. My favourite parts where when she’s was practising with the bow in front of the game makers and she shot the arrow though the pigs mouth. I like all the different adventure catniss went on.

    I went on holiday for a week to with my cousin josh and ellie it was really fun , we climed cliffs 50ft high , went swimming everyday, sometimes twice a day, Went go kart ingredients twice. We went to a zoo in a place called shaldon they had lots of monkeys ( my favourites were the capuchin monkeys)spiders frogs, meerkats and parrots. I like the parrots because when we said hello to them they repeated it back to us in exactly the same tone. In shaldon we also walked though the smugglers tunnels that went front the beach to the town/ Inn though massive cliffs. We warren nearly every night. The Warren is the beach part that has a fair , go carts, shops and cliffs And places to walk along the path. When we was walking along the beach a seal was swimming close to the shore.
    One day we went to the town Teignmouth. We went to the park and had some hot doughnuts while harry was eating his a seagull landed on his head and took the doughnut out of his hands . In dawlish town the have black Swans that look so cool.

    We also went to the Blisworth canal festival we had a go at paintball gun, saw farmers equiptment and lots more. I also seen the canal boat that my great granddad used to work on when he was young.

    We went to Skegness for the day with my family and ashia.
    We have also been to abby park lots of times.
    Playing football, running, playing golf every week, learning new song on the keyboard, doing maths spelling, arts and crafts, and lots more.
    I’ve had a very busy 6 weeks
    I have included some healthy selfies and photos.

  17. I have had the best summer because I spent time with my family also I’ve done all of my homework and the summer reading challenge 2016.

    I’m exited for year 6 because I know its going to be challenging but I like a good challenge. Also I’ve done a sway on growth mind set…

  18. Mazahir has had a great holiday, here is what he has been up to:

    My Granddad from Pakistan has come over to England to spend quality time with our family, i went with him to the park, out to dinner and went to Skegness beach with him and the rest of my family
    I loved the beach and went swimming in the water, I also went on some great rides like the ghost train, twister ride and water canoe ride and many more, i loved this time with my family
    We also went to London as tourists for the day on lots of different open topped buses. we saw famous places like Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, The Shard, and London Eye, we also went for a nice dinner. there was also a Coke machine where you could mix different flavours and try them out and it was all free, I got coke and vanilla flavour and my Aunty got a fruit punch, there were also some bikes we could try out too and big cushions which smelt like the different flavours
    I went quite a few times to Boost, which is a trampoline place in Riverside and loved going as could bounce around as much as I wanted to
    I went to the cinema with my Aunties and saw Finding Dory, The BFG and The Secret Life of Pets
    I also played out with my friends
    I also completed the Reading challenge at the library and worked on my spellings and times tables

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