Investigating Roswell and UFOs


We have investigated the Roswell incident of 1947 as well as discussing the presence of UFOs and aliens. What is your opinion? What does the evidence tell us? What happened at Roswell? Is there other life out there?


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217 thoughts on “Investigating Roswell and UFOs

  1. I think that it is all fake because on the 1st of August 1947 they found the Alien body but then two days later on the third of August they found an Alien ship and then said that they found the alien on that ship then said nothing about the first Alien? So that’s one reason of why it all fake. Also a few days later the military said that it was all fake so then what happened to the Alien? And what about the ship so what are they hiding from us did they put the UFO in a hanger in the middle of the desert were no one can find it or was it all fake I think it was all fake and Roswell did all of this just for attention because it was an unknown little Village in America that’s what I think.

  2. Well Roswell is a pretty unknown area in New Mexico America, and apparently a UFO travelled there in 1947 It Is confusing because why would you pretend a UFO came into Roswell I think they did for a load of attention. Maybe they wanted to be a marvellous town up in New Mexico there, town Is so small like a tiny village

    Q.1 In Roswell are people thinking the aliens are real or the aliens are just fake which one is more popular?
    Q.2 Is this disaster worldwide or just known In Roswell?
    There was a soft swishing noise coming from above It was from the saucer going down below where It was In the past

  3. I believe in UFOs and aliens because there has been full evidence of UFOs and an aliens body which was shown in The Roswell Chronicle but the body looks like a manikin. You can never be so sure towards aliens because some people try to be famous by making things up and some may scare people like the people who predict and say it is the end of the world and we are still alive and on Earth. The evidence shows you that this flying saucer was real but they say it was to light to be one and it also shows the alien was definitely real because a scientist did autopsy and found two hearts, no stomach and an unusually large sized brain but this shows that out in a galaxy, on a planet or in the universe, something is living but where? In Roswell 1947 a farmer was tending his cows, they had just been milked and let into the field when he heard a really low whooshing noise and after a while it crashed in his field, a sheriff was called by the farmer and he contacted the army and they found an alien body but they kept it all a secret. There is life out in the universe as there has been vide and photo proof of flying saucers, there was one video that showed a UFO fly through the twin towers as they were collapsing and it flew straight into the air and disappeared.

  4. I have looked at all the information we were given today and I have searched on the internet. I am finding it difficult to make a decision! It happened in 1947, two years after WWII, countries were rebuilding and therefore had little spare cash. The boom years had not started yet. There were problems between USA and USSR and the Cold War was underway. Were Americans feeling uneasy at this time?
    Why I think it is true:
    * If you are going to create such fakery it would have cost a fortune to build the UFO and the alien.
    * The alien had realistic looking organs.
    * They employed scientists to research this, if it’s fake why would you do that?
    * The two eye-witness reports hear the same noise and feel the ground shake.
    * The town was shut down for weeks.
    * The sighting was reported and then weeks later the authorities claimed it was a weather balloon. This makes me feel that they had something to hide.
    *The evidence is sparse, just enough to make you think but not enough for a real firm opinion.

    Why I think it’s fake:
    *It looks pretty fake!
    *Is there another planet where they have the technology to fly to Earth?
    *If they are intelligent enough to create ships to fly to other galaxies why would they want to visit Earth?
    *Stanton Friedman and the others involved probably made a lot of money out of this.

    So I’m still undecided and there is not enough genuine evidence out there for me to form an opinion.

  5. I believe aliens exist but I do not believe in this sighting mainly because I was not there to witness. Also I think they made the alien how they make a teddy but raped rubber around it so it felt different I. This is only one of my believes. Although they said it’s a hot air balloon and it links with not being real I don’t think it was a hot air balloon. I think someone through an object out of a plane that was really high up so you could not hear it.

  6. I think that the Alien is like a Zombie becuse to me it look like a Zombie how the way it looks. The space ship is like a hat because it is shaped like it, the Zombie tipe Alien has two hearts and no stomuk and one big brain

  7. I think that there is some form of living thing out there in the solar-system, because we can’t be the only breathing creatures in earth.
    & if there was alien’s out there, they wouldn’t have the equipment to be fling ufo’s.
    Some ufo’s are as light as a piece of tinfoil, in one little clip a ufo crash landed and a woman held a piece of the ufo and it felt like a piece of tinfoil.

  8. It was very fascinating because it all started with a man that just found a U.F.U and then turned to a big discovery. It’s so cool because a small town in the southwest of new México had such a big event. I didn’t really believe in them that much but now I do.

  9. Roswell a small town in NM is still being investigated because of the incident that happened in 1947. Mac brazel a farmer who witnessed the unknown Ufo crash he decided to explore, it was in one of his fields. Then Mac brazel called the Sheriff Wilcox. The Army began to analyse the almost black flying saucer. After that the ship inspection began!
    Maj marcel identified it as a flying disc that is five times the size of Sheriff Wilcox`s department. Mac brazel described it as a fast machine it went over 500 miles an hour.
    An Alien was discovered with six toes and six fingers, two hearts and no stomach. The scientist Dr konchisky who was brought in by the RAAF clarified it was not a human in a costume. This creature has an unusually sized brain it is larger than ours. There were rumours of more extra-terrestrial creatures coming fortunately for us they didn’t come.
    After that the army threatened a twelve-year-old girl because she knew the truth.
    1. Are humans Aliens?
    2. Are Aliens real?
    3. Who created Aliens?
    My opinion is that its fake and it’s just for attention because people lie for fame.

    by Harlem

  10. Well I found out that the person witch is George Brown the a flying saucer crashed in are world.But George Brown did something weird. He said that he found the flying saucer on the 3rd of August but he found the Alien body at the 1st of August so me and my group was confused. George Brown found the Alien at the Brazel ranch even the flying saucer was found at the same ranch. I think this a lie because he found the alien first then found the flying saucer second. The alien and the flying saucer they was coming to are world 500 miles per hour so he should die about the crash or he melted.So I think it a lie.

  11. I was looking up the crash and there was a lot of people mostly the x army were saying that there was not just one crash there was two crashes so who do we believe that is just another reason for it to be fake so it was all made up!

  12. Its confusing because they say things like it’s a lie then its true so you don’t know who to believe.Its says that on the 1st of August they found a alien in side of a theUFO.On the 3rd of August they said its not a ufo.They first said there was an alien in the UFO so if you think about it were is the alien now because it was in the UFO so something has happened.

    There was a little girl and she knew about it so a man threatened her not to tell anybody and if she did he would rip here family apart or he would take here away into the desert because it was big. He knew nobody would find her so he would kill here and dig here body.

    he UFO landed in a farmers field and he just finished with the cows and he saw it flying across the sky at about 500 miles per hour and it was grey. He thought that it was a hurricane or tornado but it wasn’t He went running and it was right in front of him.There was the flying saucer glowing with a yellow light from the domed part.

    *It had human like ears.

    *It had a human nose

    • I really like the points which you raise here Connor. I agree that it can be confusing especially as it was reported openly for a number of days before they decided to say it was a balloon. I doubt that we will ever get the truth.

  13. I think that they didn’t want to tell anybody because
    they will spread the conversation and it will keep on spreading around Roswell
    they figured out there was an alien in the space ship and he crash landed
    in the desert

  14. I believe and don’t believe because I’ve looked at pitchers and they look very fake e and a lot look real tome so I’m not very shore, this was in the 1947 because they did not have a lot of money. It must of cost rowed about £25 it is all identified.
    A very few people claim that they have seen Aliens, but nobody knows for real if they exist or not. We have seen some funny and some scary cartoons of aliens but that is all a work of imagination
    Even though they are believed to be very powerful and advance in science they are still scared of dogs and elephants.

    1 Some firefighters is trained how to treat aliens

    2 Edgar Mitchell, the sixth person to walk on the moon, claims that “aliens have contacted humans several times”.

  15. I’m quite confused about this. The ufo looks real and the alien I’m on both sides. The real side because it looks real and I have seen a ufo and it was glowing. The non-real side because it could have been brute. They said its real then it’s not real. Out of anywhere for it to be set is a farm whilst Mac Brazel tending his cows. This is quite confusing hope you enjoy.

  16. I think aliens aren’t real because there hasn’t been any proof of an real one and a place in America called Roswell a small village one day a ( fake space ship) landed in a persons farm and there was metal all over the place he called the police officer and discribed it as a space ship so the army came and found a alien on the grass so they took it to the army scientes and they had a really good look and the 12 year old girl heard about it and the army said if you say a word about he will take you away from your family and take you to a desert were nobody will find you. The evidence tells us that is so fake.

  17. there were a sheriff in Masco in a village what is called rose well in the 1947 and their were a crash of the ship a making a weird nose to the sheriff it is a knowing.

    • I think aliens do not exist and people if they sore a alien people will call the police or the army and some aliens are very big and people will see them from far away and they will all be scared but some aliens are small and do not scare any people and some are very small you won’t see them and the big UFOs people will see them as well but small ones only ants can see them land and bees but some other people can not see them. But some aliens are helpful they can help people when they are heart or some thing.And aliens are found buy Mac Brazel he is a famous scientist

  18. I think its all fake because it just doesnt make sense nothing joins together. If you look at the papper properly you will see look at the dates and you will find out

  19. We had some pitchers, that we are not shore are true. And anyone could of drew them. But I thing that it is not true because again someone could of drew it. The RAF it is, that We sometimes believe in aliens sometimes we don’t because people try to make them self’s look good but then I 20 years time themed that the lied. First the RAF said it was an alien then a balloon now an alien it is all confusing. And people can edit the films and clips plus you can photo shop it.

  20. My opinion is that the whole thing is fake. I don’t believe in aliens.The story sounds real but also fake at the same time. It fake because why did they keep it a secret. This happened in 1947 in a little village called Roswell.know everyone has to stay in there houses because their scared.The flying saucer was found in Mac Brazel farm.

    • We often keep things secret because we don’t want others to know. Why would the U.S. Army do this? What were they trying to hide and why?

      • They didnt want everybody to know because they are the army they are known for helping people not lieing and telling every one some thing thats not true would make people believe them.

      • If there was an Alien and it was an secret wont it be dead or reviled because it has been a lot of years about 67.

  21. I think that if they really found a alien they will keep it secret so no one gets scared. The alien’s mite be nice and loving. If it is a fake then why wood they spend lots of money on it? Is well how can it go from being real to being fake in 2 days.

  22. In 1947 people didn’t know this place in America called Roswell Chronicle and I think the alien its not true because the flying saucer came to earth and it looks pretty fake like the alien and the flying saucer.

    The are my question:

    Q.1.Who made alien?

    Q.2.why the army kept it a secret?

    Q.3.Why did a suited man frightened the little girl?

  23. I think that it is real because the body they found was not fake because they found 2 hearts in the alien. and the flying saucer it looks fake but it is not because it does not looks like a weather balloon and in my opinion it is fake and real at the same time because people belie that it’s real that is what make’s it real and you don’t see them that’s why people don’t think it’s real but I think there could be alien’s in space and also that it is real in 100 way’s because every think is there to prove that it is real!!!!!!!

    *there is a witness.

    *there was a saucer.

    *there was an alien.

    Ant that we found out that a saucer crashed landed in a farm and there was a girl that got told to stay quiet or she will never be found and the army coved it up and like 30 years latter she told every one and they all stayed quiet until now.

    Some people think it’s fake I think it’s real and also I but than again it could have been photo shopped.

    *if alien are real would they be kind or would they be evil?

    *would alien’s be intelligent?

  24. My opinion is that the alien is a Creeper because how it has 2 hearts .the space ship looks like a hat to me because how the shape is. His Family are wondering were he is .he looks like a real person.he Chrashed landed on earth. Rights know he does not were he is .

  25. What I though about it , that there was space saucer. I though that it was crazy. Because I though that it was not really rely but in 1947 in Roswell parenteral the was flying saucer crush on a farm ranch the farm called the army, police and people came se. There looked under. And found a alien then I started to believe little bit but to me it doesn’t look like a alien to me. But you never no that it a alien or not I think it not. If it a alien way did it come to Earth what did it want?

      • i wold because i will be cureos and wonting to know what the world is like and just the fact so i know what Earth was like.

      • I will go to Earth but not ,

        .Not because I could die or get trap.

        .Yes because I want to se new think. And to me there are alien but to then there think I’m alien.

  26. In 1947 the 25th of July in THE ROSWELL CHRONICLE a ufo was found by a man called Mac Brazel, (42) at late night, on a outskirts.
    “Our reports confirm that the discovery was reported to the local sheriff of shaves country who, upon inspection of the material , immediately passed on Brazels findings to the Roswell army air force (RAAF) Sheriff Wilcox commentated” “When I first got the report I thought Brazel must be crazy but the material certainly looked like a very strange, foreign, almost alien object.
    But then in the 3rd of august it says there was no ufo.

  27. wow Corey you’ve put a lot how many seconds did that take you
    but you did quite well on your work I wish I could do that much
    I bet that took you for ages like a ower to do that

  28. I thinck alien are real because it dont look like a human.the UFO look like a burnt car.In u.s.a people heva seen siting UFO and aliens.

  29. 1947 On the 1st of august THE ROSWELL CHRONICLE an alien body was found in a ufo, by a scientist
    “We can exclusively reveal that the flying saucer discovered by Mac Brazel in his ranch last week, actually contained a foreign body-an alien.
    THE CHRONICEL spoke to world famous scientist Dr Konchisky.

  30. I wish I was an alien now then I could go in a ufo
    and then I could go into space so I can go and see all of the planets
    then I could turn back into a human again I could tell you about my journey
    al the way to space
    and so I can see all of the stars and make pictures out of them then
    I could fly to the moon it would be FUN !!!!!!!!!
    but now I don’t think
    aliens are real because they could be just figures
    aliens could be dandrous
    and they could kill you by bringing you to space

  31. The crash
    100,000 years into the space continuum, an alien flew through each planet, each galaxy and through the universe. A highly technological nuclear missile hit a mothership behind this alien’s UFO and the explosion hit him, he knew he was going to die by jumping out or staying in so he was reluctant to leave his ship.
    the unidentified flying object descended towards earth and when it did it landed in a farmers yard in Roswell, a sheriff was contacted as an eye-witness also heard it plummet to the ground, military forces were called in and that’s when they found his body.
    As the army always do, they kept it secret, as it was obliged by public it was declared a weather balloon. Scientists performed autopsy and found two hearts, no stomach and a monumental brain, the eye witness and a young girl who also saw it was threatened to be taken to the desert or have their family torn apart if they said it was really a Ufo.

  32. Alien treasures
    There was once an alien named A365, he was forlorn
    he was creative, in mind but sorrowful inside his family were poor so they all went to find treasure, for instance they could sell it for a variety of money. So they descended down the mysterious cave of coins and they were ecstatic the cave was monumental they stated this Is as huge as London. They were elated they found 1 million pounds! they could use that for a load of necessities they could use it on are houses and more main stuff. They all died because people killed them for the money Its confusing what If that happened to them would feel even more sad

  33. I think that its fake because looking at the pictures makes me think that its photo shop not all of the pictures look fake just the pictures of the UFO’s / flying sources look cartooney.
    The information about the alien body which has been found kind of creeps me out because it sais the creatures family is coming to find the body even though its dead I don’t think they will be able to find it because I think its already been found by scientist.

  34. I believe that UFO’s , aliens and flying soucer’s that are real but I don’t understand that they found a alien and the next day they think that it’s a weather baloon. Then when the UFO crash landed

    It was surprising that there was a yellow glow and the grey black was in the flying soucer.

    When he heard the thud it was coming toward’s the ranch.

  35. Well, in my opinion, if an alien came down from space in a U.F.O then there could be other life out there, or that could have been the last one. Also, there have been so many pictures of U.F.O’s and not all of them look the same so some of the pictures are fake. The evidence from the Roswell discovery is quite convincing so I definitely think that case is real.

  36. I think it is fake because on the farmers view it says he see the saucer in the air but and the news paper it says that he see it on the floor when it crashed. Some people said it was a flying saucer and some people say it is just a weather balloon. The alien picture looks like a normal person just lying their but the people who took the photo could of edited it so I think it is a host.

  37. Why its fake,
    The reason it might be fake is because most of the pictures don’t look real and looks photo shopped also we haven’t discovered aliens yet we have only found out bacteria and we are still finding out if it is alien. Also I think that its just a myth like monkeys eat bananas that’s a myth.

  38. I believe that most of this evidence is true but the ending conclusion of the flying saucer being a “weather balloon” does not fit with the whole news report. Here are my opinions:
    Number one: A weather balloon is very different in shape and size to a UFO.
    Number two: Aliens wouldn’t be orbiting around us at 500 – 600 miles per hour if they were in weather balloons.
    Number three: When the “weather balloon” crashed it wouldn’t be smoking.
    Number four: weather balloons do not have yellow lights projecting over the area they are at but the UFO was projecting yellow lights.
    This is my evidence to prove that the ending result of the UFO being a “water balloon” is fake and they were trying to make the public calm down about the whole situation.

  39. My thoughts on the Roswell incident

    Okay, I am still so confused, I still don’t know if it is real or fake here’s why:
    why I think its real:

    •All the pictures look so real

    •The reports look real

    •The peoples making of it

    •It sounds like a real story

    Why I think its not real:

    •It might fake because someone or a group of people could just make one to scare people

    •The reporters could be exaggerating

    •It sounds a bit fake with the man / alien with to hearts, no stomach

    • I think it was a real alien because a human would have a stomach and one heart but an alien has two hearts and no stomach.

  40. This story is true because:

    Why would anyone joke about a UFO in there farm land? The reports say and show that there was one, the newspaper quotes: “The object was apparently making a soft swishing noise as it flew down!” Also a whether balloon would not make a sound like that. The whether balloon does not look anything like a UFO. A UFO is light grey and has oval shapes, the balloon is white and it looks like a water balloon. Also adding to my blog a balloon would not smoke or go yellow like it’s on fire. A spaceship would. Another thing in the report an alien appeared in this situation, who would joke about an real life alien. In the report there is a description of the alien: “The creature had two hearts, it did not have a stomach, it had an awfully big brain.” There was a picture and Mr. Bushell said it was real. There could possibly be another life out there but we haven’t discovered it yet………..

  41. I’m in the middle because some people say that aliens space ships are fake but some people say it is real so I don’t know who to believ.

  42. My thoughts on the Roswell landing:
    I think it’s true, in my opinion there are Aliens somewhere.
    . Firstly if it was a weather balloon , why would it have a dead Alien body inside?
    . Secondly if it was a weather, balloon why would it be traveling at 500-600mph?
    . Thirdly if it wasn’t a U. F . O (unidentified flying object ) why would the Army threaten people to not tell anyone about the Alien and the space ship?
    . The Alien spaceship did not look like a weather balloon so why did the say it was ?
    .The spaceship made strange noises , different noises to a weather balloon

  43. Roswell, my side of veiw…

    I bellive that this whole Roswell thing Is NOT true. Because, Mac Brazel saw the thing come past the Ranch at a high speed than heard a BIG thud and the ground shake. Why did he not see a BIG explosion Or not at least see a light of fire.

    The alien newspaper

    Also NOT TRUE anyone can find a dead boy strip it and put makeup on them.

    Flying saucer proved fake.

    They said that they have been fooled but I think who by? That has brought the fact in that they can

    Be real…

    Any disagrees leave commenents below Thomas.Bursnoll…

  44. The reason I think this case is all fake is because the pictures in all the chronicles the pictures look photo shopped, also in my opinion I don’t really believe Aliens and U.F.O’s, to me its like a fairy tale, I think the person who started this mess is crazy,

  45. My opinion is that it’s obviously not a weather balloon because why would a
    Weather balloon move 500 miles per hour and also why would the ground shake
    It’s not like you’d see an alien in a weather balloon.

  46. Well I think its real because they wouldnt of put it in the newspaper if it wasnt real and they found pictures of UFO’s and different aliens. How could dead aliens be in a weather balloon.Also how could a weather balloon make strange noises whilst the weather was fine?

  47. The Roswell incident:

    The information that we got given told us about what happened in Roswell. A farmer was tending his cows when he saw a big ,to be believed, flying saucer. It come past making a loud swishing noise then the next thing they new the ground shock and a thud echoed the underground.In the ranch smoke was flooding out so he crept in and saw the grey circular space ship. The farmers neighbor heard the same sort of noise but from a bit of a distance. When they closed the ranch up for investigation they opened up the disc and found an alien. Dr Konchisky have the amazing opportunity to perform a autopsy, they found out that they look similar to humans but they have two hearts, no stomach and a huge brain. They said because it had a big brain it must come from a really clever planet. After discovering the alien they had a concern that the rest of the aliens family would come down to earth to find it but they were more worried about how the flying saucer came crashing down to earth. The RAAF told all the people around to stay in there house until they new it was safe. A week after they realized that it was a weather balloon and in fact nothing like a space ship.

    This makes me wonder whether all this UFO stuff is real. The fact that it looked like a space ship stunned me as well as having that image of the alien. I suppose we will never know until we see more than some sighs in life. The question is , was that a sigh about the alien world?

    • A very thoughtful and reflective post Abbie. Are there any other stories of possible UFO landings or sightings?

      SIGNS not sighs by the way!

  48. I believe that the whole evidence is true because the pictures in the newspapers looked like they were actually real. The last newspaper does not go with the story so. Here are my opinions.
    Number 1: A weather balloon can’t have travelled 500-600 miles per hour.
    Number 2: The ‘’weather balloon’’ couldn’t have had a glowing light coming from it.
    Number 3: Also the flying saucer had an alien inside of it.
    Number 4: Weather balloons do not have living things (in this case an alien) in them.
    Number 5: How could the scientists know that the space craft was a weather balloon if a weather balloon is so different than to a space craft.

  49. I think that the U.F.O and the alien inside is real in my opinion but the weather balloon is totally unreal

    because how could the alien be traveling in it and a weather balloon doesn’t travel that

    fast.The flying saucer doesn’t look like the balloon either it’s not

    The same shape or size.

  50. In my opinion i think it is a hoax . The farmer tried to trick every one including the army .For starter some of the information doesn’t add up like in the “interview “he said he saw it in the sky but in the “paper” he saw it on the floor in his land .As he is a farmer he could have the resources ,like to make the UFO he could get steel scraps from his barn to make the saucer .and also he could of used some of his animals to make the alien in the saucer. And that how I think he tricked everyone

  51. I personally think that it fake,because the witness called Mr Daniel Wilmott said that :He was sitting in the front porch looking at the beautiful new moon then suddenly he saw a gleaming light zooming through the sky then he heard a strange noise. So that doesn’t add up. However on the news’s paper it said that that the farmer called Mac Brazel had found a flying saucer in his lands.

  52. I think the U.F.O and the alien are real but the weather balloon in my opinion is fake because it wouldn’t travel at 500 mph also I doubt the alien would be inside of it. I think the army made it up because people were to scared to leave their home also the army told people to keep information quite or else their family will be split up or they will be executed and left in the dessert so obviously they have something to hide.

  53. Roswell incident,
    Could anybody really lie about a flying saucer!
    Well there was an incident were mac brazel found a flying saucer in his farm and he went to the next door and then he agreed with him so he told him to call the chief police and he contacted the army and the army investigated. The army told everyone to stay in their house for like for a week. On Monday the army let everybody out of there house but two people said that it is not safe because there might be more dropping right now. Find out if aliens invade their city……….

  54. Roswell blog

    What happened! In Roswell the was a crash with a UFO and ALIEN the alien was inside of the UFO.

    The local man that sore it in his field when he was letting his cows out to the field while he was finishing milking his cows as he was doing that he sore fire coming from the back of his farm land in the bushes at the back.

    So he did not no what was going on.

    So he ran to the local sheriff office and said ”there is a flying sorser in my land ”

    So the milletery had a look at it and said this is not a flyingsorser it is something else not a flying sorser.

  55. The information we were given was about the UFO that crashed in Mac Brazils field at 500 to 600 miles per hour he didn’t know what it is so he called the sheriff Wilcox then he called the army then they all said it is a UFO the next day another person took charge and he said that it is not a UFO and it is fine to come out off your home then he told everyone to not tell no one.

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