The Hundred Word Challenge

Choose one of the images of the characters from the photos and write a characterisation using no more than 100 words. We want to know, not only what they look like, but clues about their personality.

Choose your words carefully, making sure every single word earns it’s place within the paragraph. Draw on your knowledge of creating an effect and ensure that the reader is able infer about your character. Use your sentence structures to add variety to your ideas.

Your homework is to write your own character description and then to write a comment on someone else’s 100 word challenge.

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One thought on “The Hundred Word Challenge

  1. This is my first effort to get you started:
    This figure, with mysterious features, roams the plains, looking for shiny, shimmering shards to recharge him. Look deep into his eyes and he can take you to another world. It’s just amazing. The potential power of this being is overwhelming. Wings as thin as paper, glide through the air like blades cutting through vegetables with ease. WHIR, WHIZZ…
    Have you seen this clone? Inquisitively, he walks through the sands, looking down on the poor, abandoned cities, wondering what has happened. How could he be the only one left? The humans were long gone. Would anyone rescue him from this desolation?
    Who am i talking about?

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