Maths Logic

Can you solve these problems?

Good luck Mrs M

Problem 1

Ann, Boris, Carla, and David are talking about their favourite food. They know they all like different foods and these are: curry fish and chips lasagne chicken burgers

  • Boris does not like chips.
  • Ann will not eat chicken.
  • One of the boys likes fish.
  • One of the girls likes burgers.
  • Neither of the boys likes spicy food. Which person likes what food?

Problem 2

David, Eddie and Fred, three brothers, are marrying three sisters, Gina, Hana, and Iris.

Eddie is the oldest brother and Fred is the youngest brother.

Hana is the middle sister, while Iris is the oldest.

Fred works as a plumber and Gina is a computer programmer.

From the clues below can you find out who the couples are?

  • Hana is not engaged to the plumber.
  • The youngest girl will marry the middle brother.

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