Last Saints Study Centre session ?

Tonight marked the end of our time at the Study Centre for this year. Pete, Jeanette and Kerry  have been brilliant hosts again and it has been a pleasure to spend Wednesday evenings at Franklins Gardens. Do you have a message of thanks for Pete, Jeanette and Kerry? Post them here. 



7 thoughts on “Last Saints Study Centre session ?

  1. Thank you so much for everything It was a hounor working with you and I would not have traded these last 6 weeks with you for anything. You are amazing and im so glad I got this experience.

  2. Firstly I just want to thank lings for letting us have this experience and the fact that we don’t even have to pay is incredible . I am now going to thank Pete, Jeanette and Kerry for everything because every Wednesday is different and that makes it more fun because say if we did drumming it would eventually get boring and we won’t be having as much fun as we are now! SO THANKYOU


      • I loved Science Automatic Tom and making a putty , and learning new numbers (Octillion which I knew before but wasn’t sure but it was still fun), and new Scientific things.(Atoms) I really loved Shakespeare
        “Now it’s time fill our bellies ,and quench our thirst at lady Jannette’s tavern.”
        better than saying lets go and have biscuits .

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