5 thoughts on “Henry V 

  1. We were leant about it and did a play and speak different language. We had to speak about pitchers and read something and I might like Henry the v it might be amazing.

    • But thought it was AMZING !!!!!!!!! You like it I hope everyone did . What did you find funny? I thought the French bite was funny.

  2. I now know a lot about Henry V so thank you Mr Walmarans for doing that preparation session with year 5 and year 6.We spoke a different language and we learn’t 2 different poems.We saw pictures from the play Henry V and we had to talk about what we think happen’s in the picture.

    • I like when you wrote so much thank you because mr walmarans is the best of putting year 5 and 6 to wach it .YES THANK YOU FOR HENNRY The V !!!!!!!!!!! It was AMAZING I have not wach it also it is funny!!!!!!

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