The Lings Radio Station Challenge

As many of you know – Lings Primary now has its own radio station! To understand how a radio station works and to get a good idea of what we can do with ours – I have organised a trip to BBC radio Northampton to meet John Griff on Thursday 26th November. Only 5 people can go!

So your challenge is simple – convince me that it should be you! Tell me why radio is important, what you thing a radio station does, ideas for our radio station and why you would be the best person to take. Everyone has the opportunity but only five will be chosen. You need to have posted by SATURDAY MORNING.

Good luck!

34 thoughts on “The Lings Radio Station Challenge

  1. Why I want this SO much ?

    This is so important to me because this is an amazing opportunity and I do not want to miss this. I wish more people could have this experience but unfortunately we will not all fit into the room. That’s why I want this so much is because there isn’t a lot of spaces and I have to fight for it so that is what I am going to do!!!

    Why you should choose me?

    You should choose me because I am willing to do and show anything that you need. I will make time for everything and show you what I am made of! I will be very disciplined with all of the equipment and will be sensible!

    New ideas for the radio station!

    If the radio station progresses we need to have some good ideas so here are a few ideas:
    .Have more than one microphone.
    .More speakers around the schools.
    .Have more than 2 people in the radio station.
    ECT. I hope you liked my post!
    BY Kelise

  2. you need to chose me has I would bring passion,enthusiumasm ,discipline and effort.
    why and how I will bring them.
    1.{passion + enthusiasm} you need passion and enthusiasm on a radio station as if you talk boringly no one will be interested meaning no one will listen witch also means you will lose viewers no one will come on your show so then there’s no point of even doing the show and if you don’t you wont have enough money to keep the show running. As you know I try to make everything as interesting as possible and I never speck in one tone of voice and I’m not shy!
    2.{discipline and effort}you need discipline and effort on a radio station and also for our show as we will be spending a ideal amount of time practicing and if your not disciplined you wont be listening and wont know what to do so one the day they will make a complete fool of them self’s and our school they will not ask lings to come again as the person who didn’t have discipline also ruined the show. If you don’t have effort you wont be bothered to do anything.
    you should try to get committed children who will give up there time to make children happy for example Abbie Thompson and Amber Bragg. maybe the times should be.
    every day.
    morning {breakfast CLUB]8 till 9
    lunch {all}12 till 1 have lunch after or before so ether 1.20 or 11.30
    after school {between clubs}thank you I hope I’ve done enough thanks a lot Mr w.

    • Also I would like to have a name for each day so
      Monday=song day so some famous tracks and some song that children have made and teachers can ring up to us and so can the public to choose a song and we will put it on
      Tusday=final tuseday so Quizes
      Wensaday= reminder day so things that have pasted and things coming up
      Thank you again

  3. why I should be chosen

    I think i should be chosen because i’ll work hard and be confident ad I think that is important .i’ll put effort and passion into all the things that I do in the job. i will not be to stressed and spread a good environment to everyone .

    What I a radio station does/ what is it for

    I think a radio station is there to entertain people .make people laugh and listen to music.

    Ideas I have for the radio stations

    Daily updated / reminders
    We could do a segment where we tell everyone all of the things that has happened throughout the week on Friday’s .

    Song of the week

    When we record other people’s songs we can choose the best one’s and make them song of the week or if there is not enough songs we can choose the best pop song at the moment. Also we can make a playlist of songs and take request’s from the blog.

    Lunchtime menu

    Sometimes pupils in school don’t know what they are having for lunch (hot dinners) so we can inform other pupils what they are having (could be part of daily updates)

    Blog challenges

    On the blogs we can set up challenges for the viewers/ listeners to help us with something and we can announce the person the following week or we can do a segment called dares and each week we do some dares that we selected(that is appropriate) on the blog .

    Story time

    Each week we will select a story to read out it can be any type of story they can be blogged or written on a piece of paper

    Hope you enjoy reading why I should be on the radio station team an hope you like my idea’s

    by Dorcas

  4. Before anyone from Year 6 moans, I’m not trying to be one of the lucky 5 who visits BBC Radio Northampton (even though I’d happily go!) However, I want to blog because I love radio and I think that this is such an amazing opportunity for you.
    Radio for me is an important now as it was 30 years ago when I was growing up. I would rather listen to the radio whilst in the car than listen to a CD. That 10 minute journey to and from work is a great opportunity to put the radio on. I will happily listen to any music station or a news one such as Five Live. When I was younger it was similar – listening to the Top 40 Chart on Radio 1 or football commentary on Radio Two (that shows my age!)
    Lings Radio is going to be great for pupils and staff. It opens up a whole range of opportunities. There could be a breakfast show as well as a lunchtime show (as on most radio stations). The amount of sport that we do at Lings means that we must have a weekly sports show (hosted by Mrs Davies?) Our drama performances could be recorded and broadcast over the airwaves during lesson time. We could interview pupils, staff and visitors about things that they are doing inside and outside of school. The station will be a great chance to showcase good work, especially our writing. I also like the idea of school news and important reminders being broadcast to keep everyone informed.
    I wonder what the first song will be? This is always an important moment for any radio station. Any ideas?
    Anyway, Year 6 that’s all for now. Get blogging! You don’t get this kind of opportunity in most schools so make the most of it. This could be the start of a promising broadcasting career!

  5. Why do I want this so much?

    I would REALLY like to be in this group because when I’m older this is one of the things I would like to do for a hobby so if I experience it now, it will probably help me with it if It’s something i do when I’m older.

    Why it is so important?

    I think this is really important because it will really progress in the future and we could actually get some people from Lings to go on BBC news LIVE speaking to John Griff.

    What are my ideas for the Radio Station?

    . We could talk about what our school schedule is for the day ( or week ) and we could say what we will be talking about in assembly that day and say what sports events are coming up.
    . We could do a Lings ” Big Town Showdown” and get some children to answer some questions.
    .we could interview the visitors that come here and ask them questions about what they think about the school and if they would like to join it.
    .We could also say a fun fact of the day like about the teachers or what animal is being extinct and other things like that.
    Thank you for reading and I hope you like the ideas that I thought of x
    By Demi-Leigh

  6. Why do I want this?

    Sometimes I want to embrace how I feel and just talk all day long. all the time my mind is filled with ideas so here are some:

    Questions Time
    There should be a random person picked from KS2 and they should be put on the spot and ask some questions and over time there should be a big leader board to see who has got the quickest time within 10 question (this is kind of like the big town showdown.)

    Break times and Lunch times
    If you ask me I get pretty bored at lunchtime so I think its cool to play songs because it kind of pulls you in and makes yourself feel more contented.

    The best groups
    At break times we should do the songs that people have just started on and at Lunchtimes because its longer we should do a playlist of all of the schools favourite song.

    Also on the blogs we should put how we felt about the days playlist/Question time and how good they were so you know when to put them things at lunchtime again.

    Every week at break times or lunch times we should remind people when to do things so if there was no assembly going on we would know not to go instead of teachers coming to all the classes and saying that.

    And that is why I want to do the recording studio

  7. I really want this because I love speaking im so passionate about expressing my ideas to everyone who wants to hear it. this radio station is giving me an opportunity to do that , this is al the things I would bring to the radio station , house compititions live for exsample a singing compition which would encourage children to come out of there comfort zone . I love people listening to what I think about this school . I definetly would not shy back away from this . talking on bbc radio Northampton would make my dreams come true . I would be so commited I would be in every day of the week giving the people what they want . [ I would be disciplined well orgainised because discipline is a key factor in life] : Each week I would look on the blog , see what you want and that’s what i’d prepare for

  8. I really want to do this because I have always wanted to be on the radio so this is a great opportunity and that means I will be greater with technology.
    I have always wanted to people to be even more entertained when we eat lunch and tell everyone news what has been happening the past few days like sporting events and much more. Plus I have always wanted people to here interviews with teachers from other schools. :)

  9. Radio station blog

    I really want this opportunity because it’s a once in a lifetime experience! In this amazing radio station I won’t hold back on my skills, voice and passion! This means so much to me so if you chose me I would be very grateful.

    My ideas

    My ideas for this project is that we get in a guest every Friday so it could be someone like: a teacher, some of the students, some of the teachers from NPAT and special guest that we don’t see in our school often. Also the students can write their own song so that they could sing it live to the school. As well as that we could do a daily news report about the school; how it’s going and some news, say if we get a new teacher.

    Why is radio so important to me

    Radio is so massively important to me because you can interview someone and it tells you who you are. You can also sing songs that mean something to you, it also lights up your day depending on what type of mood the broadcast is about.

    I don’t want to miss this so please chose me! I will give everything I’ve got! I hope you got my reason of why I want to do this! Thank you for reading!

  10. I say I am qualified to work in the recording studio though I am not that good with technology. The qualities I have are.

    1. Very loud when I want to.
    2.Does a good impression of Elmo.
    3.Can sing!
    5.Could learn how to use more pieces of tech.

    I would enjoy working in the recording studio because its my last year.

  11. Radio:

    I would firstly like to say that this is a huge opportunity and I don’t want to miss it. It would be huge if I got one of those 5 spots, it would be mind blowing. I have so many ideas for our radio studio it’s unbelievable. Now let’s get started.

    For the studio I would like to have a morning and lunchtime show. A group of especially picked children will get to do this. Any songs that people have made will get put somewhere inbetween. There will be daily news everyday to so for example: ” a basketball try out is coming up tommorw get practicing.” Something huge can even be annouced. Also songs that are popular can be played throughout being on air. Another thing we could do is interview pupils or even teachers if there willing.

    A daily routine is this:
    1- welcoming and saying hello
    2- first song
    3- talking about the song
    4- any news
    5- an interview
    6- more songs
    Something like that will be our daily routine. Of course that’s not for definant this may change if I would have the chance of being one of those five.

    I think radios is a way of showing and producing music. Its nice to hear music on radios. Also radios tell you all the latest news that are important.

    I personaly think that I should be the one to go because I listen to the radio so I know a lot about radios. I would also happily talk on a radio any day because I am 100 % happy with that. Talking would be a piece of cake. I also would give anything up for this to happen, I want this so much it’s unbelievable.

    !!!!!!!!!! ☺😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺THANK YOU FOR LISTENING ☺😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺😊☺ !!!!!!!!!!

  12. Why I want the radio station:
    I want the radio station soooooo badly that I’d give up a hundred pounds or more.
    I’ll be very audacious and bold,however I’ll also give a lot of entertainment and amusement.

    What I’ll do:
    Furthermore I’ll put a bit of humorous language, moreover I’ll make the audience
    engaged with whatever is on the radio station .

    My first impression:
    Me:”And now we have a song written by Holly R , Sophie & Kelise called in the sun,enjoy!”
    Me:” That was a significant song, now what inspired you to write such a wonderful song”
    Sophie:” Well we thought of our friendship and such fun we always have together”
    Me”How superb!!”

    My passion:
    Evaluate it as if it had class

  13. the reason I want to do this so much is because I’m not us to talking to a lot of people out loud so I will be coming out of my comfort zoon but it ok because it’s on radio and this year I’m trying a lot of new things this year and this is a big opurtyournoty and my idea for the radio station we cold do it this way every day you cold get a biff rent year 6 and they can run it in the after noon at brack and that then the nexed day another person in year six can do it and the over reason I want it because if I don’t get this it wold de one of my regrets of year six losing something like this like a lot of people say things like this Olney come ones and that is why I wont this

  14. my Idea for the radio station

    first you can play some peoples songs like people are starting to Mack songs but only put there songs on if they want them to.

    2. whoever is doing the radio station could tell everyone like a if there was a competition and there is practice for each element.

    3.ok if we have visitors you could interview and say this is ….. and they would like to work in our school.

  15. Radio station blog
    Why you should choose me
    You should choose me because I would give up all of my time to work the station.
    And and I will show commitment and passion for the station, I will do whatever it takes to get picked because I know how much it means to me to get picked.
    .I promise to not damage anything.
    .I promise to be committed to it.
    .I will be sensible and be disciplined.
    .I promise to share and not take over.
    I think the radio station is an amazing opportunity for us and if you did not blog about why you should be the LUCKY 5 I’d be asking yourselves WHY WHY WHY.
    What I think I should happen.
    At breakfast club on the radio there is a big town showdown, a big town showdown is were you ask a person questions in a limited amount of time and I thought we could have a kidstown showdown. And for the songs some of us can sing a song or we could play our notivate songs.
    And that’s my persuasive paragraphs. Thank you.







  17. I would love to be given this opportunity as I think it would really help with my confidence.
    I don’t have a lot of confidence when I talk to big groups of people when I can see them and if given the opportunity to help with the radio station I will be able to speak to a big audience from behind closed doors.
    I have lots of ideas running through my head one of the being a termly quiz awarding house points to the top three people who can answer the most questions in 60 seconds teachers are also included.
    The radio station could also have some ting like a news report to tell everyone about all the exciting and fun things going on around the school followed by weekly sports reports of all games and results.
    The radio station will be used to get all the important information out to everyone but it will also be fun.
    On eveing when we have parents in school it could be used to tell parent of all the success the school has had and any information that could help them to help children with homework like good website like purple mash.
    These are only a few ideas and if I get given the opportunity to visit the bbc radio station it will give me a good idea on how things in radio work and I could ask what ideas they could give and what they think won’t work thank you for reading a good luck everyone.

  18. I should be chosen for the radio station because if I got the chance I would talk all day . I am funny and I can make people laugh . Im also very good at arguing for and against things . I am also a very creative thinker . I can also cut and edit music to make a mashup and I am very happy to make one to play on lings radio. Another reason is I would love to work with John Griff from the bbc Northampton radio. I would also love to have my own radio talk show were I invite pupils from the school to get there personal opinion on things or possible even interview some teachers on there opinion of various subjects. I would also like to create a group/band with my friends.

    My ideas for the radio station :

    .comedy shows
    .interview all guests who come to our school
    .have a quiz show were some one would read question out during break people would awnser them on paper and someone would collect all the awnsers in from each class and the winner with the most correct question get a suprice e.g choclate bar

    thank you for reading my reasons and ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :) :) :)

  19. If I get chosen to work at this radio station I will literally faint ( please don’t let this statement put you off) :)

    * well you all know I am the queen of gossip I don’t think I can go a day with out gossiping.
    *As well as that I’m not afraid to speak what I am thinking
    *I would never give up
    *I will be committed
    *I am very good at technology
    * If I could I would speak for a day even with out stopping
    *I love writing songs
    *As some of you may know I am quite clumsy but I promise I will not break any thing or fall over anything!

    We could interview some year sixes and ask them what they think of the school and what they could improve about the school!!!!

    please pick me to do the radio station you can rely on me :) :) :)


    Wow, what an awesome opportunity to be able to go to BBC radio Northampton, meet John Griff and have him do a program at our school!
    I am more than excited and all up for blogging my reasons as to why radio is important.. So let’s get started!

    A radio plays a very important role as it provides listeners with a variety of information, for example, local/international news, traffic updates, weather news, interviews with celebs/famous people, and also different kinds of music!
    If the internet is down, or there is no access to a phone, then a radio can still be accessed and can help with providing reliable information. A radio station is also important to those who are visually impaired and may want to listen to the news/music.

    As you are banned from using phones when driving, if a driver needs traffic updates then a radio is the perfect way to access information on any traffic news such as motorway incidents!

    Radio can help bring cultures/societies/religion together and let people learn more about different traditions and cultures around them. It also allows people such as students and teachers to connect on a digital platform without face to face interaction which helps building trust and kindness within relationships.

    There are different ideas that I have on our radio station, which would be an awesome way to get all pupils and staff involved!
    We could interview school staff and pupils and have a discussion on the ‘Tuesday Topic of the Week’.

    We could discuss recent sports events that have taken place to update pupils on the scores and the winning team!

    For music, we could get staff and pupils to record a song together which can be played on the radio!

    We could also hold a ‘Weekly Wednesday Challenge’ where one challenge is set every week on a Wednesday, and all pupils and staff will be welcome to join in and get the best score/answer for the challenge and maybe even earn some house points!

    Also, those pupils who win a head teachers award, or achieve other outstanding behaviour awards in school should be allowed to pick their favourite song to be played on the radio!

    We could also have a ‘Pupil of the Week’ for performing a excellent deed who could be featured on the radio and also earn a number of house points.

    Another idea could be to have ‘Riddle Mondays’, where every Monday, a riddle will be set and is open to everyone to solve and work out what the answer is!

    Lastly, there could be school news about what will be available to eat for lunch in the Cafeteria.

    You should choose me because I have very creative ideas for the radio station which will help develop it. I believe I am a honest and hardworking student who can provide a funny and fun atmosphere. My personality is bright and bubbly which means I can get along with any one new that I meet. I love building new relationships with people and getting to know them more. I know that I will be committed to this project and will put blood, sweat and tears into it. I will have full passion and will let as many people as possible share their ideas on how we could improve or just ideas for the station! With me on the crew we will reach outstanding heights.

    This is the type of opportunity which you should not let surpass. One last reason as to why you should pick me, because I am a tech genius and can understand tech in two shakes of a rabbits tail! Thanks for reading my thoughts as to why you should pick me and hopefully we can all work together to advance and push the radio station that our school is worthy of!

  21. WHY? I want to be in the radio room because I can SING/ DANCE/ do DRAMA I would do eny little mix because there my favrit band I would never give up/ don’t stop gust carry on but differnt days I will change the song but still little mix. But on November the 26th only 5 people can go I am desperate to but I don’t know if year 5 can go but I am still in it . pICK me because I can write songs I will do enything for you right I will do the songs with saria / latesha / blessing / beau / sumya / because we know them to record it so everyone can hear it . tO Explain I can write it then practice 5 times so then we can show it there is 5 people so pleas . I HOPE YOU LiKE IT !! !!!!!!! Who commet from. Beau in year 5 I am 9.



    * What you talk about needs to be relevant to a specific subject that listeners want to hear.

    * You don’t have to plan every single question because firstly, you don’t know that they will say what you are planning for them to say. Plus, you’re schedule doesn’t always go to plan.

    * When you are interviewing someone the real star of the show is the interviewee. The reason as to why is because they have all the information of which you want to know.

    * In the room where the host is presenting the show, there is padding all other the walls made up from cardboard planks to hold the structure in place. Covering it is a thin layer of fabric. The reason it is there is because by absorbing the sound waves no echoes are created which means the microphone won’t receive what is called feedback.

    * If a certain guest comes to school and the show is not on air at that moment then you can pull out a wireless microphone and interview what they’re saying. So the next day or two you can take out the archive and play it on the radio.

    * The host is the controller of the conversation. Like the thumb stick on a controller – they both moves the conversation in different directions. You can do this by doing a few of the following gestures – look at them in the eyes, (without freaking them out), ask your question and just stay quiet as this will awkwardise the moment and especially don’t talk and rabbit on to much as this will confuse the listeners and they will eventually fall asleep… (snore) Huh what did you say?

    Hope you enjoyed reading about what I learnt when I went to BBC Radio Northampton.

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