Lester Lockwood: Failed actor?

Who was Lester Lockwood?What could you tell me about his life?

Has he always been an actor? 

Where was he born?

Does he have any siblings?

What was life like growing up?
Use your imaginations and tell me your ideas!

7 thoughts on “Lester Lockwood: Failed actor?

  1. Lester Lockwood’s life
    Lester Lockwood was one of the most famous actors of all time, children loved him,adults loved him and even elderly love him.Unfortunately he has retired due to old age! I am going to tell you about his awful live.

    Mr Lockwood was born on the 20th of September 1920. the start of his life wasn’t to bad, but by the age of two it went down hill rapidly. His mum and dad
    Unfortunately spit up, his mum married this man and his dad married this woman then the spit up, the they both married anther person and that happen a 100 times. So Lester had 100 mums and dads. This coursed Lester to by very confused which meant he had a condition called “chikenapea” which meant he talked to chickens and his brain they talked back.

    The next part of his life is not to grate ether he was in school he was a massive nerd and he was in science class by his self and he was doing this experentment to turn him self into a girl but It went wrong and he turned 2D and it ruined his life.


    Lester Lockwood was born in 2014 his birthday is September the 14 he lives with his mum called Amy and dad called William .πŸ˜€they are famous and always an actor he loves drama .I am going to tell you about his awful life.

    Life was not bad they were a happy famliey . sundley he was 7and a half. Hope you engiog it?he was waking down this path and was counting his money. 😁he got a there went to a puduchion . he loves his little drama .πŸ˜‚

    Why he wants to be there?

    Because he is famous than enyone else and he is great at drama

    He is 2 d and gets surgery and turns of into space into 3d so people think he is a better person


    I hope you like it? If you did you are AMAZING.πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜‚!!!!!!😡😱

  3. THE LATEST GOSSIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lester is now 2D
    “He was such a good actor as a 3D man but why in Pete sake would he like to be 2D”cried Betty Boo
    “You don’t like the way I am live with it if you don’t anything good to say don’t say anything” announced Lester
    But the reason is why would he like to be a 2D person
    Moreover his children say…..
    “He did say he wanted to be a girl” said daffy duck
    Anyway that’s all for now, next time we’ll talk about Betty Boo how did she become so thin. we’ll see you later on celebrity gossip at 18:30 BYEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I like the way you included quotes like we did the other day!
      Remember punctuation is important, to make your reader able to understand your meaning.

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