Magistrates Visit

We were visited today by 3 Northampton magistrates. They told us about their role and how the justice system works. We even got to experience a mock trial about cyber bullying. What did you learn from the whole experience? 


5 thoughts on “Magistrates Visit

  1. Today I learned the magistrates deal with the stuff that’s is not as serious as murder. If you cyber bully you can still get a criminal record I think cyber bullying is as serious as physical bullying and you should always tell an adult if you are getting bullied.

  2. Magistrates:

    I loved when the three magistrates came in and told us all about the court and the job the do. I learnt a lot about how the court works and other things like that. Everything that they told me I used when we acted out the cyber bulling mock trial.

    I learnt how they thought about what they would do after the trial,. for example whether they would do punishment or rehab ,which is getting help, or even both. Also I learnt that when the trial was over they thought about the defendant and also the victim because they don’t want to upset them so they will offer help to them to. There is just so much.

    I especially loved doing the granny story and learning what stress she had from the person stealing her so loved handbag. Another one was the Lewis story about his stolen bike. The final one was looking at all three girls and writing the information down. I just loved it all.

    In the scene we all acted out was awesome. I payed Katy the victim. I found it funny when Mya, who payed Sonia the defendant, looked like she thought it was real !!!!!!!!!! :] :] :] :] :] !!!!!!!!!!

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