Atomic Science at the Saints!

We worked with Atomic Tom on chemical reactions, including making our very own slime.

Great session – Tom called you a “lovely, enthusiastic and knowledgable group.” Terrific praise – you set the standard this morning! 


4 thoughts on “Atomic Science at the Saints!

  1. Atomic tom was phonamal I found it really interesting how we have 8 otillan abits at the end of our finger and how soild are things we cant get through them and there orbits are very clise together like brick walls

      • Atomic tom was phonmanal.I found it very interesting how we have 8 optillan orbits at the end of our finger and how we can’t get through solids as all of the orbit are all close together and in the way but we can move through lickwids as the orbit are spread but we just push the orbits out the way with air which is a gas.💜

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