Lings Talks!

Here you go Year 5 and 6.

Your task is to give a talk of between 1 and 2 minutes on a subject of your choice. You can talk about anything at all—a hobby, a place, a person—absolutely anything! It is probably best to choose a subject that you feel passionate about.

You will need to research your subject, prepare your talk and practise delivering it. You will be allowed to bring in one prop to help you in presenting your talk. You will not be allowed to read your talk directly but will be able to bring in notes to help remind you of key points. You will also not be able to use programs such as Powerpoint. We just want you to talk about something that really engages you.

Over the next week we will be watching a number of people give talks of their own and will be developing a list of qualities that a speaker needs to be successful. This will help you to deliver your talk at the end.

You have until the start of Autumn 2 in November to prepare this. We will be presenting them to a selected audience anytime from the week beginning 2nd November onwards.

If you need any help then just ask. Feel free to pose questions on the class blog where this homework is also posted.

Good luck. Show us how good you are!


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