Saints Study Centre player interviews

Tonight at the Study Centre we got to interview Saints stars Tom Stephenson and Ben Nutley in our very own press conference. 

What did you find out about them? What is it like being a professional rugby player? 




10 thoughts on “Saints Study Centre player interviews

  1. Tom Spencer supports Chelsea and Ben Nutley supports Liverpool.
    It cool to be a rugby player as you get to go on holiday for 5 weeks and you get a free pair of churches shoes once a week .
    It is hard work being a rugby player as it takes a lot of training.

  2. !! My day at the saints !!
    i interviewed tom Stephenson.he was very good to interview he gave the answer in good detail. Here’s what I found out about tom Stephenson: he read the whole of the harry potter books when he was little when he was younger, he hates liars he believes honesty is the best policy, if he could be a super hero he would be super man,His favourite series to watch is down-town abbey with his nan # family time!!!!

  3. I found out that when your a rugby player you always have to have determination, self-belief and passion when ever you are playing a match. Actually you should do that all the time really but personally as a rugby player.

  4. I interviewed Tom Stephenson and I found out: That he hates liars, his favourite food is Chinese, he supports Chelsea, he doesn’t read lots but he has read all of the harry potter books, he has broke his arm before, the latest movie he went to watch is Legend and that his position is centre.

  5. Interviews:

    Ben Nutley was the rugby player we interviewed. He also made some funny answers. I learnt a lot but here is a few things I learnt about him:
    . His favorite animal is a tiger because he could be the king of the jungle.
    . He has a pet dog called Hugo and he loves to go home to him.
    . As a kid he loved to watch fairy odd parent’s.
    . His favorite disney character is Wreck it Ralph.
    . His favorite fun fairy place to go is Disney land.
    . After the seasons games he likes to eat dominos pizza. Juring the season they have to stick to the duet they are given.
    . He would be hulk if he could be any super hero.
    . He hates it when you go anywhere and plug switched on and there’s no plug in it. He then has to turn it of.
    . His biggest influence in becoming a rugby player was his beloved twin brother.
    . He loves to read seeing that he has lots of free time. Ben dosent have a favorite book but he loves reading fiction books about history.
    . The worst moment in his life was when he dislocated his elbow. He did this from a bad rugby injury. He said that he was out from playing rugby for a long time but finally he managed to get back out there.
    . The last Disney film movie he watched was Inside Out.😄
    . If he was stranded on a desert island he would take bear grills so he would keep him alive and he would take a bottle to drink out of.

    The night was amazing and I learnt a lot. I can’t wait to see what we will do this week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Tom Stephenson

    1. Supporter of Chelsea! (Yesssss!)
    2. Hates lying.
    3. His whole family is in love with sports.
    4. Tennis and Cricket are his second favourite sports.
    5. He has been associated with the Saints for 5 – 6 yrs!
    6. Always loves to keep up with how Cobblers and Steelbacks are doing.
    7. He plays Centre for No. 13 and occasionally plays for No. 12.
    8. His favourite teacher was his maths teacher, who is called Andy Goldsmith, who is also his rugby coach! Wow!
    9. If he was stranded on a deserted island, the person who would be with him is Bear Grylls.
    10. Never misses Downtown Abbey.
    11. His favourite food is Chinese.
    12. He doesn’t read a lot but has read all of the Harry Potter books before.
    13. His worst injury was when he broke his arm!
    14. The latest movie he went to watch was Legend.
    15. If he had to choose a superhero to be it would be Clark Kent AKA Superman!

    Hope you enjoyed reading
    If you have any questions just ask! Feel free.

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