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  1. That in China when you were a baby they’d wrap a badage,
    so their feet don’t grow and when they grow older they’d have
    the tiniest feet that they’d fit in small shoes.

  2. Today I learnt how the shoes were made in northampton and that the olden day shoess were very different from the shoes today also the cutlery was different from what we use today.
    The northampton castle was blown up and I think it was by saint Peters men and it was rebuilt until 1300 then they stopped building it.

  3. Also we had a great fire of northampton that started in a tent in Saint Marys street, a lady left a hot pot of fuel in her tent and the wing blew making sparks hit the tent and that was what caused the fire.

  4. I found out that Duston was the first place that the romans came and invaded and I found that out by the little TV that you saw when you go into the first room. I also found out that the fire of Northampton was 20th of September 1675 which I didn’t know . Did you know that there were shoes that were made for penguins and were 1 metre long !!!
    By Kelise

  5. Northampton to Shoe Museum
    The trip was really good and I found out a lot about our town

    Fire of Northampton
    The Great Fire of Northampton occurred in 1675. The population after it was 7’020! Also that 700 buildings set alight and 700 families had nowhere to go or live. Three quarters of the town had now been obliterated. The mass tragedy was caused by sparks from an open fire in St. Mary’s Street near Northampton Castle, and devastated the town centre, including All Saints church, in six hours. Some people escaped the fire by going through Welsh House on the market square to safety.

    Hope you enjoyed reading
    If you have any questions just ask! Feel free.

  6. Northampton museum:

    As I moved here 3 years ago I didn’t know much about the history of Northampton. I now have learnt so much sometimes feel like a bit of a genius. Here is a few thing I learned:
    . I didn’t know before that there was a Northampton fire in 1675. When we all were listening to the speaker thing telling us about it I learnt that they were screaming and were helpless. After the fire they built it all again but it was even better. One day they hired Mathew to rebuild and plan a bigger Northampton because they said it still wasn’t big enough It was extremely fun to learn.
    . I also found out that they use to all live in the great hall. When I looked throughit it was very bare and dirty.
    . The only reason they had cats was so they eat the rats, mice and mouses.
    . The cats and dogs had to find there own food in the bins.


    There was a lot of funky shoes to look at. It was amazing what you can learn about the history of shoes that leads to other facts. I loved it! Here is a few facts:
    . They bandeged the womans feet up so they didn’t grow. They wanted to keep them small and it was in fashion.
    . To get in to these pair of shoes you would of had to cut your pinkie toe of and they have started to do it in America.
    . They was ruby red shoes from the wizard of oz.

    It was just awesome and you learn so much !!!!! :-) !!!!!

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