Every Childhood is Worth Fighting For

You now know the plan for Friday 16th October – dress up in a way that celebrates a happy childhood whilst I run NPAT. All for just £1 that helps the NSPCC ensure that ChildLine can answer every call made to them. What will your outfit be? What is the highlight of your childhood? 


13 thoughts on “Every Childhood is Worth Fighting For

  1. The hilight of my childhood so far is MINECRAFT!!!! I love minecraft because it’s a very popular game that is very addictive and has no limits so you can just build anything you want. (but everything is square shaped exept from the food and some other things.)

  2. My outfit is a dancing outfit because my whole life I have loved to dance and I bet other people will know that too. The highlight of my childhood is my family always being there for me no matter what and that is why it is my highlight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Well I have two options of outfits or mabye 3 or 4 lol
    1.is a minon coustum as I completely love minons
    2.is a super hero as they save the day and thats what I want to do
    3.is my anna coustum as I love frozen and it shows creativity and it shows im never to dress up.
    Hilight of my childhood
    It has to be when I was a toddler as in tesco I ran round tesco pretending to be super girl and I just felt free and I could do anything with out worrying about problems.
    My worst memory
    My worst moment was when we were doing nightmare as in the Wednesday night my uncle died and it was the worst feeling ever.
    My funnyest moment
    My funniest moment was when I was in new look petending to be a manikin and everyone was taking pics.
    Why I think childhood is important
    I think it is important as its a trial and error and you know what your kids are going through as youve went through it.
    Thanks for reading

  4. I’m going to dress up as Hannah Montana,
    because when I was 3 years old I used to adore Hannah Montana
    and I still love it now and I loved her style.

  5. Well I have quite a childhood. I use to always steal my mums work kit and pretend to be her at work. This was forever happing as I loved to dress up as anyone e.g. fairy, my mum, pirate, mermaids, super girl, Halloween charectors, tinkerbell, doctor, dentist and lots more! I just loved it. I could come dressed as my mum at work or as a dancer because that is a massive part of me. I could also come dressed as a mythercal charectors like a fairy. I just cant chose, I don’t know which one t come in??????? !!!!!!!!:-)!!!!!!!!!???????? Can anyone help me pick which one ???!!!???:-):-):-)???!!!???

  6. my outfit
    my outfit will maby be a one size with bunny ears and my dance kit underneath. why a one size, because i literally live in one sizes since i was a little. why my dance kit, because i love dance so much if someone put one music i would be dancing around, maby in my one size.

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