Oh when the Saints…

Today we visited the wonderful Saints Study Centre for the day. We had a guided tour of the stadium which included a quiz about your local rugby club.

What did you find out about the Saints and their home ground? 


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  1. . Tetley were famous for making shoes
    . That they get room for when their injured
    . That on the Saint’s logo :
    The shell is about when St.Peter took ship to Spain, and when he got to shore
    he saw sea shells and said that was going to be his symbol ,and his person who was in charge of his church had neighbor’s but made a lot of noise and then he made them play rugby.
    And the rose represent Northamptonshire
    And the castle is the castle of Northamton
    The Griffons are guards of Northampton to protect us because it’s half lion and eagle lion king o the ground and eagle king of the sky.

  2. I found out all these facts:
    1. The saints ground capacity is 15,500
    2. I know now how sits in the “Team seats” which are: Physios , Doctors, Water carriers and the kit mangers.
    3. I know the floors of the controls tower: Top floor- CCTV , Middle floor- TV studios and finally Bottom floor- First aid for the supporters.
    4. I know the differences between the 2 changing rooms here are some: Home- Light In there, cubicles, Badges of team, TV and the whiteboard. Away- Dull, closed up space, no windows and got toilets and showers.
    5. I know what the symbols mean on the Saints badge- Castle: Northampton, Griffins: Strength, Red rose: Northamptonshire county, Halos: Saintly, good people and the Scallop shells: Represents St James.

    Today I also learned some physical things like: How to throw a rugby ball properly, new games, a new challenge and many more. My favourite part was the quiz as I learned so as you can see! I hope you enjoyed reading my blog!

  3. I found out about the controls towers: top floor C.C T.V MIDDLE FLOOR -T. V. Tetley were famous at making shoe’s. I also learned how to play rugby properly.

  4. SAINT’S:

    At are our trip to the saints study centure we got up to many different amazing things. My favorite thing was everything because it just so awesome. I learnt lot about the stadium and the history of the saints. I now know a lot more. Here are a few of the things I learnt :
    . 1,500 people can fit into the stadium
    .The Mobbs Memorial was for Edgar Mobbs and the rest of the rugby players that died in war
    .On the chairs there is Tetley, Churches, Saints. Churches is famous for shoe making and Jennete the ladys husband buys a few pairs of that make shoes. Tetley is known for tea and beer.
    .There is the new control room being built : Top floor- CCTV, Middle floor : TV STUDIOS, Bottom floor : FIRST AID ROOM
    . There is a home and away room. The home room is for the players stadium it also has personalized badges, numbers, whiteboard, bigger space, windows, brighter colours, machines, cubicules and lots more. Were as the away room for other teams in really small, crammed, Small benches, Dark and a lot more.
    .The things on the saint badge all have a meaning. The Halos- Show goodness, Castle- Northampton, Red rose- Northamtonshire and the county, Griffens- strength, Shells- It shows St James
    . There is 23 people in a team. 15 are on the pitch and 8 are subs
    . The players need team seats on the side in case the need them like : Water carriers, doctors, physios and kit managers.

    I also learned how to throw a rugby ball properly. I loved playing tag rugby. In one of the games I went to do a tri and went under some peoples legs and placed it down on the floor. I am extremely proud. When we got there we had the tour which was amazing to. I have just loved everything and learned so much. IT WAS AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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