Once more unto the breach…

Today we had our first visit of the year to the RSC in Stratford-upon-Avon. Myles took us through parts of Henry V which we will be watching a live broadcast of later in the year. Your participation was amazing – everyone was very impressed with you!

So, here’s your question. 

What kind of King was Henry V?

Looking forward to hearing from you! 


27 thoughts on “Once more unto the breach…

  1. At first, king Henry was an uninterested man and he was rebellion to things but later on, when he becomes king, he is an exceptional and honourable man who is a good leader.

  2. Price hal
    When Henry the v was prince Hal he was a Disrespectful and unrealible man as he hang out with people who led him astray with bank robbees he even may of robbed barcalys or NatWest lolโ˜บ.He particularly had an interested in drinking (he even had drinking buddy)who were his best friends but as you will see in the broadcast there not his best friends for long…
    Henry v
    At the beginning of the play prince Hal’s father dies and leves the throne to Henry before Henry the iv dies he said do the battles outside England as it will cause arguments and fights. Henry surprised everyone as he became noble,wise,matrore and friendly.in the middle of the play there’s a wonderful speach were he has faith and hope for the English men. Henry the v grows to be a loyal and respectful king ,he treats his people with respect and he rules England with passion witch is what kings need to have.
    Thanks for reading

    • You make some good points Holly. Try to decide on the style of your writing and stick to it. You begin in a chatty, informal style and go onto a more serious, formal way of writing. I like the formal style for this piece – it suits you!

  3. Henry V

    At first Henry was a very disrespectful prince who would always go out for drinks with his disloyal friends and rob banks . You will find out in the broadcast why his friends are so disloyal. At that time his father was the king but his family wasn’t meant to be in line to the throne!!!

    In the beginning of the play Henry’s father died and Henry was set to be on the throne. Everyone thought that he was going to be a very bad leader but whilst the play went on everyone started to trust him more more and he did actually show people that he as a young boy could lead England.
    by Kelise

  4. First of all, Henry, who was the prince at that time, was a brutal man. He went out drinking, with his best mates also robbing the bank. Henry’s father was depending on him to look after the country. At first I thought he was going to be a bad leader because what he did, but then he change as he knew he was going to be king.

    After turning into a king, Henry was a loyal king as he fought for his country as well as his mighty soldiers. He didn’t do what most wicked leaders would do: lay back and not help win the important war! Yes he may not of succeeded the first time but he persevered through it and won it in the end. I was so surprised that he had changed!

    After a few years henry’s father

  5. I think Henry was a king that’s wanted to be different and he had to make difficult decisions like when he declared war on France or when he had to make a decision on to kill his friends . part 1

  6. at first henry was a prince but he was desisting he always went out drinking , he was a thief and then he changed, he become a king and started caring about his men he worked for him. he was not a bad leader who sits and dose nothing while is men did all the work he helped in the war.

  7. I loved it on Tuesday I didn’t want to go but when I got there I got stuck in and I got so much out of it I really want to go back and learn more about henry the v

  8. I think that king henry v was at first taking advantage of his roll as a king at first because he would rob banks with people who he would not meant to be with and he was thinking that know one would complain because he was king but he was to young to be king so first he was a bad king.

  9. First henry v was taking advantage of his roll as a king so he robbed banks and more bad thing because he thought know one could complain because he was ruler.

  10. At fist henry was a discussing man and hated everyone , he went dinking and stealing , but when he became better but people thought he was to young to be king so they decided the only way for henry to be a real king is for him to go to war so he did but his men became tired and hungry so he pushed them forward with some very emotional words

  11. herby v facts

    henry was not a good person he hung around with bad people ang drunk more than what he should and was so young. then his ferther died and he became king. all the people got scared because he might set down crazy rules.

  12. Once more onto the

    Henry V was a misfit and hung out with, let’s just say ‘weirdos!’ But after knowing that France thought he was an amateur at being King and had no experience, Henry V stopped at nothing to prove them wrong! Therefore he started to change and thought ‘hey, wait a minute, Kings don’t usually go out on the battlefield’ and then it struck him. He became loyal, brave and decided to step on the battlefield. (After all what did he have to lose, it’s not like he had a family or anything!) But one night he found out that his own buddy/pal thought about him in the worst way. Therefore he was heartbroken and didn’t know what to do! So he took it in and thought about it and thought that he was right so after that he became one of the most honourable and awesomest kings in history!

    ๎…Hope you enjoyed reading๎…โ€จIf you have any questions just ask! Feel free.

  13. HENRY V :

    The trip was amazing and interesting. I learnt a lot about the play and now know parts of what its about and what happens. Here is a few things I found out and now know :

    Henry was bad and a criminal. He was disloyal at a very young age. He liked to drink a lot, rob banks and lots more. He was extremely rude and ignorant. Henry had his dad. At the edge of death he told his son ( his father) to become the king he wasn’t. All of the kingdoms people were worried that he was going to be a bad king because he was to young. The people were begging him to go to war and fight for France. The France people intimidated him which made him go to war. They intimidated him with a tennis ball which was telling him to step down from king and play tennis. This made him go to war. He became the king his father wanted him to become.

    I cant wait to watch the awesome actors play Henry V in the broadcast. It will help fill in the gaps I don’t know about. I just cant wait !!! :] !!!

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