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  1. Rugby World Cup Fixtures

    Group A: Australia, England, Wales, Fiji, Uruguay

    18 September: England v Fiji.
    20 September: Wales v Uruguay.
    23 September: Australia v Fiji.
    26 September: England v Wales.
    27 September: Australia v Uruguay.
    1 October: Wales v Fiji.
    3 October: England v Australia.
    6 October: Fiji v Uruguay. 10 October: Australia v Wales, England v Uruguay.

    Group B: South Africa, Samoa, Japan, Scotland, USA

    19 September: South Africa v Japan.
    20 September: Samoa v USA.
    23 September: Scotland v Japan.
    26 September: South Africa v Samoa.
    27 September: Scotland v USA.
    3 October: Samoa v Japan, South Africa v Scotland.
    7 October: South Africa v USA.
    10 October: Samoa v Scotland.
    11 October: USA v Japan.

    Group C: New Zealand, Argentina, Tonga, Georgia, Namibia

    19 September: Tonga v Georgia.
    20 September: New Zealand v Argentina.
    24 September: New Zealand v Namibia.
    25 September: Argentina v Georgia.
    29 September: Tonga v Namibia.
    2 October: New Zealand v Georgia.
    4 October: Argentina v Tonga.
    7 October: Namibia v Georgia.
    9 October: New Zealand v Tonga.
    11 October: Argentina v Namibia.

    Group D: France, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Romania

    19 September: Ireland v Canada, France v Italy.
    23 September: France v Romania.
    26 September: Italy v Canada.
    27 September: Ireland v Romania.
    1 October: France v Canada.
    4 October: Ireland v Italy. 6 October: Canada v Romania.
    10 October: Italy v Romania.
    11 October: France v Ireland.

    17 October: Quarter Final 1: Winner of Group B v Runners-up of Group A. Quarter Final 2: Winner of Group C v Runners-up of Group D. Quarter Final 3: Winner of Group D v Runners-up of Group C. Quarter Final 4: Winner of Group A v Runners-up of Group B.

    24 October: Winner of Quarter Final 1 v Winner of Quarter Final 2.
    25 October: Winner of Quarter Final 3 v Winner of Quarter Final 4.

    Bronze final:
    30 October.
    Rugby World Cup Final:
    31 October.

    Hope you enjoyed reading I can’t wait for the World Cup, yayyyyy!
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  2. Rugby World Cup Fixtures
    Part 2

    England v Fiji – Twickenham Stadium

    Tonga v Georgia – Kingsholm Stadium

    Ireland v Canada -Millennium Stadium

    South Africa v Japan –
    Brighton Stadium

    France v Italy – Twickenham Stadium

    Samoa v USA –

    Wales v Uruguay – Millennium Stadium

    New Zealand v Argentina – Wembley Stadium

    Scotland v Japan – Kingsholm Stadium

    Australia v Fiji – Millennium Stadium

    France v Romania – Olympic Stadium

    New Zealand v Namibia – Olympic Stadium

    Hope you enjoyed reading I can’t wait for the World Cup, yayyyyy!
If you have any questions just ask! Feel free.

      • Italy v Canada – Elland Road, Leeds

        South Africa v Samoa – Villa Park, Birmingham

        England v Wales – Twickenham Stadium

        Australia v Uruguay – Villa Park, Birmingham

        Samoa just made a Penalty!

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