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  1. Personality islands

    These are really important because without them you are not unique. Also you will not be who you are today without them!

    My ‘Islands’

    My Islands; Adventure,
    Persistent, Imaginative,
    Talented, Funny, Trustworthy, Honest, Energetic. ( These were all from my friends and family none of which was from me!) Adventurous = I love to be really fun and exciting.
    Persistent = I don’t stop at what I am doing I just keep going!
    Imaginative = I think ‘out of the box’ and am full of ideas.
    Talented = I can do lots of things like dance or drama or sing.
    Funny = I am just hilarious and come up with smart-witted quips.
    Trustworthy = I can be loyal and honest. Energetic = I am not one of those ‘lay on the couch’ people. I actually love to get up and be involved in everything.

    Hope you enjoyed reading
    If you have any questions just ask! Feel free.

  2. My island:

    Family: This island is important to me because its my family and I love them dearly. They are always supportive and there when I needed it. They are officially the best family ever !!!

    Crazy: This is the island when I am crazy. Sometimes I just go mad, there the best memories!!!

    Animal: I love animals because they are adorable. I have always wanted a rabbit or a guinea pig as a pet. I used to want to live on a farm but i’m not so sure about that idea now. Animals are a part of me!!!

    Ballroom dancing: I now do dancing at the dance school and its the best ever. It has change me as a person and made me grow even more. Hopefully I will be dancing on strictly with my partner Joseph. Its just wonderful!!!

    Sports: I also love doing sports like : Gymnastics, swimming, basketball, cricket and tennis. They’re my favorite. I love playing them and love to learn different sports to. Its awesome.

    There is a few more things that would fit into that. I have done the rest in my book but I cant remember them.

  3. MINE ARE…
    Diamond island because I have this thing for jewellery , and it would crash if i couldn’t be bothered to be intrested in them.

    Is fashion island because I love the idea of fashion it would crash, if I did’t if i looked bad in public


    Is Performing-arts, cause I love to sing and dance and to performing and to do that in the future, and it would crash if I lost my confidence.


    Is drawing which comes under art because I love to paint and draw in many way as possible and I take from my uncle but , in my spear time i draw,would crash if i said I couldn’t draw anymore and hated drawing a particular picture or what ever i come to drawing.

      • If something happens that would change their mind so say if I loved dancing but I broke my leg and I wanted to do something that doesn’t involve moving like baking, I’d start to do baking and sooner or later I’d love baking instead ofdancing.

    My islands would be family because without them I would be lost. Funny island because sometimes I like to BE funny and sometimes I like to SEE people be funny. Animal island because without them the world wouldn’t generate properly and it would fall apart. Music island because I love to listen to it and sometimes at night time when I’m in bed I put my earphones in my tablet and listen to it,its so relaxing. Food island because I just love food mostly junk food and meat but I’m not very keen on vegitables. Last but not least is friend island because we all need friends to stand by our side when things get tough,and I’m lucky I have the BEST friends to stand by me.
    The thing that would cause any of my islands to crash would be if I didn’t like it anymore and if I have an argument with my family or something goes wrong with any islands everything on that island would go black until I like it again.

  5. Bmx island: Because I really enjoy riding bikes and im always riding them.
    art island: Because I love drawing and with art you can be creative.
    Family island: Because my family are always there for me and I lovethem more than anything.

  6. What Are My Island?!?!?!?!?

    I would have a Gaming Island because its something I love and enjoy doing and I have played games for a long time and as time goes different games come out and it never stops!

    I would also have a Sports Island because I play a lot of sports including Football,Basketball,Tennis,Cricket,Netball,Golf,Hockey and a lot more. Its a thing I started at a young age and i’m sure i will never stop playing sports!

    I would also have a Family Island because Family is really important to me and i love them all lots and they do a lot for me. They are always there for me when i fall down and they always help me back up again and cheer me up!

    I would also have a Honesty Island because its always good to tell the truth and never lie because lies cause a lot of arguments and fall outs. Telling the truth is the best way because know one has to fight!

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