Awesome Play Leader Training!

You were great today Year Six! Mrs Carter-Morris, Mrs Davies and Tom, and myself could not believe how good you were. You have the potential to be the best play leaders that we have ever had.

What did you learn from your training today? What games do you want to lead on our playgrounds? Ideas please! 


11 thoughts on “Awesome Play Leader Training!

  1. In the first half of our session I think I pick up so much that me and Millie made up our own game and a lot of people came and they all had a big smile on there faces!!! (I WAS SO HAPPY)

  2. Play Leading

    Play Leading today was really fun and enjoyable! I learnt a lot of qualities that a leader should hold.

    What I learnt

    I learnt how picking teams is really important because if you have picked teams for netball and it’s all tall vs small, then it would simply not be fair.

    The Jobs I want

    The games I want to lead are cricket or tennis or basketball.
    The reason is because they are all sports I love and I think little’uns love those sports especially.

    Hope you enjoyed reading
    If you have any questions just ask! Feel free.


    I loved the session because I learnt so much from it that I can use in my play leading. It was just a bundle of joy and I’m now like a genius on all of that !!!

    I learned all about S- Space , E- Equipment , T- Task and P- People. I can now use them to help me with my play leading. When we did the little games that you lead we let them chose the pairs so i definitely know to not do that in any other task that includes groups because they will go with their best friend or just who they want to go with and they will mess about and wont learn a thing. Another thing i learned was the quality’s to being a good young leader : organised,

    • sorry.

      Organised, On time, Enerjectic and lot’s more. They will cooperate well and communicate good. Give geshters and demonstrations to help them.

      I would like to go and control creative play because you can make your own game up. I cant wait to make an exciting new game !!!

      I cant wait to get started !!!

  4. I learnt that you shouldn’t let the choose there own groups, because I always thought that you could let them choose,because been there where you are left out and out of 30 people they don’t want to be your partner!!!!!!

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