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  1. The film was really good and I enjoyed it allot. The film is about emotions. My favourite character is anger but I’m not really and I just really like him he’s funny but I would say I’m joy.

  2. Inside Out

    The film was awesome and splendid. I really loved it. It is my favourite Pixar movie I have ever seen!

    My Favourite

    My character is Anger because the way he reacts to a situation is hilarious. But one of the most amusing parts was at the end when they used Anger as a flamethrower to save Sadness and Joy.

    The Interesting Parts

    The one scene where I cried was when Bing Bong disappears but is happy because Joy made the jump but forgets that he is disappearing!!! I also loved the end where the movie shows how other people’s minds look and work.

    The Movie is About

    The movie is about being yourself and that every emotion is important – especially Sadness! You shouldn’t care about what other people think about you like Disgust does.

    What I thought of it

    The film was really inspirational and smart – witted with a few quips. Overall it was a great and marvellous experience!

    Hope you enjoyed reading
    If you have any questions just ask! Feel free.

  3. . I found the bits in the head very intresting and how they handle everything
    . My favourite characters are Anger & Disgust because i love their emotion’s
    . i thought it was great yeah, and awesome
    . it’s all about a girl that has 5 emotions and two of the go missing (sadness,Joy) and everything goes wrong and then anger gets the idea of running away and it causes caos and sadness is the only person who can fix it because they were all looking up to joy, but when sadness saved the day they were suprised.

  4. When I know a really good movie I will tell you I either cried laughed or even felt the way the character did, in this movie I felt all these emotion. When it came up to the bit were the imaginary character disappeared me and Millie look and each other and bust into tears! (I don’t think Millie wanted me to wright that but I did!) This movie is amazing and it has changed the way I think and I will defiantly buy this movie.

    The movie is about a girl called riley who has little people in her head (because this is animated we don’t actually have little people in our head but this is how our brains works we have certain parts in our brain that does what though characters do) and riley moves away and she doesn’t fit in to her school and then joy and sadness get sucked up into a pipe and they got lost and anger, disgusted and fear are in charged but it was so hard with joy and sadness.

    My favourite character is sadness because she is so left out at the beginning and she is such a big role model at the end.

    I think everything interested me but the most thing that did was how that sadness is such a important emotion I thought it was the least so the did defiantly interested me.

      • everyone thinks sadness is such a bad emotion but really it is not because sometimes happy can be sad. if you have lost a family member and you have a happy memory of them you will probably feel happy because it is a happy memory and you will probably cry because you miss them.so that’s why you need sadness!!!!

  5. Inside out
    Wow what a movie it made me laughed and cry,there’s not a lot of movies that can make me do both
    My favourite characters and why
    1.my first favourite character was year as 1.he’s purple.2 he remindes he of Madison, ash and mum and me.(were scared of everything)3.he Handel’s problems really weird as he runs around everywhere. 4.he wants to keep Riley safe.
    2.is anger as he gets angery over nothing he’s hilarious.
    3.is ping pong as he’s dumb and he’s got a great imageation and he thinks about others not himself.
    Who am I.
    I’m all of them as I feel all of the emotions.
    Fear would be in control as he would keep me safe.


    I’ve seen the movie before so it was lovely to watch it again and get a second opinion. My opinion of the movie is amazing. It was my kind of movie. It was full of lots of different emotions like happiness, sadness and lots more. The movie was fantastic and i loved it 100% !

    The film is about these 5 emotions : Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. These emotions are inside a girl called Riley’s head. They control what she does and what emotion shes is. She lost all the joy in her life for a small amount of time which could be both a good and a bad thing. She also forgot her imaginary best friend, that was really sad. In the end it all turned out just fine. It was amazing !

    My favorite character is Bing Bong. Hes just lovely. The rest of the order go’s like this : Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and then finally but not least Anger. I like them all really but Bing Bong tops them all. One of my favorite things about him is he cry’s out candy which is funny and cute. He also is just so adorable.

    Every part interested me because it was so good every second was a joy to watch. I loved the way it just entertained me. I could honestly watch it all the time because its just one of them films that you can just watch every day. I just loved every part !

    Thank you for taking all of us to the cinema. I just cant wait to start the work about this amazing movie. !!!

  7. My favourite character was Bing Bong because he is really funny and friendly and if everyone in the world was like Bing Bong then the world would be such a better place!!!

    I thought that the movie was amazing and it is pretty much for everyone who wants to watch it. Even though it was the second time I have watched it I would love to go and see it again!!!

    The movie is about a girl named Riley and she has 5 characters living inside of her head and they are her emotions: Anger ,Sadness ,Fear ,Disgust and Joy. These characters basically control Riley and chooses what she does everyday but joy always try’s to make sure she has an amazing day but when she moves to a new house Riley’s emotions start to change Joy try’s to make things better for her but fails. Then Sadness accidently touches one of her memories and touches a core memory. whilst joy was collecting all of the core memories of the floor Sadness drops the core memory she touched and Joy kicks it away and then Joy gets sucked up the tube and so does Sadness …

  8. I think all of the emotions controls me the character that i did like was probably the volcano at the start that was SAD but funny :-h and the character that i didnt quite like was joy because she was abit to good for me and she is like the leader the one that controls everyone. My favourite part was when riley went to the hockey game and anger controlled her. And the innoying part was when sadness was trying to control rileys emotions. Also the other funny part was when joy told sadness to stand in the circle of sadness just to get her out of joys way πŸ˜› B-) :-))

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