Flip Learning – Roald Dahl and Book Reports

In our class notebook on Office 365 (YEAR 6) there are some videos and other resources about how to write a book report and on the man himself – Roald Dahl. What can you find out about how to write a book report. Get inspired by Dahl too. Next week you will be writing a book report on your favourite Roald Dahl book. Time to get prepared!










Flip Learning – Place Value

Right Year 6, let’s try something new! Here are some videos about place value. The first one from BBC Bitesize is a history of place value. The next two are songs about how place value works with our number system. The last two explain what Roman Numerals are and how they work. We would like you to watch these in order to learn about this important area of Mathematics. Next week we will be working on Roman Numerals and place value, and would like to give you the chance to learn something before we start. You might even want to find videos or other things on the internet that tell you more about place value or Roman Numerals. Feel free to blog any comments, questions, ideas or other videos that might be useful. Let’s be experts by the time we get to school!



Roald Dahl Week

Tuesday 13th September would have been Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday and is Roald Dahl day across the country. To celebrate, we will be having a week dedicated to one of the most popular authors, beginning with a viewing of the BFG at Lings Forum on Monday and ending in a dressing up day on the 16th.

What are your favourite Roald Dahl books? Which are your favourite characters? What do you know about Roald Dahl? Where did he get his ideas from for his stories? What other things has he done in his life?

roald dahl